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greafe molren together, renewing it every day once, until it be per^
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face of the body, the stools improving in color, and becoming
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are in many pieces, to facilitate the bending of the numerous
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all Moderation, and judicious Difcretion, to apply it in fit time and place,
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ABrotanum, which we call in Engli(h Southern- wood, is hot and dry in
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any object, or get a bruise while in that position, as on horse-
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of purgative medicines is very injurious, and increase the evil
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principal protection. In the trunk, they are spread out to en-
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to chafe and rub the Curb well with their Hands; then take red Wall-
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the Plow thro' them, once or twice that Summer, to deftroy Weeds and
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whereas they could call the ^^r"/;/^/^, the Oui7ifie, or Squinacy, there is no
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to Bath his Cods and Yard with the Juice of Houfe-leelr, or with the
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recurrence. Gentle aperients should be administered, and anti-
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IT is the Opinion of the beft Horlleaches, that if a grofs Horfe
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pensable, and are always applied to great advantage ; and, if
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and Dragon-Water, new Ale and Butter, and being warm give it the
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Common Mare may bring Foals every Year, but let your beft Mares
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fined to bod ; warm diluent di'inks, such as flaxseed-tea, or barley
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der of Box, and mix them together, and amongll half a Peck of Oats,
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again, by (owing on the fame Ground : It's good for Horfes 3'
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to lay wet Hay unto it, for that either will drive it away, or bring it
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Mouth, and fom.etimes fome Blood alfo. the Cure is prefently to give a
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Horfe Blood in the Neck, then bathe his Sides with warm Water, where-
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Kidneys, which secrete urine ; and the Salivary Glands, which
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they will not eat any Meat till the time they have run the Race, unlefs it
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fpoonfiils thereof upon the Provender, being wet,. This Phyfick muft
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of a thick Cake, or Loafj then put the fame Cake or Loaf into an hot
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and quiet, during the inflammatory stage of the gonorrliea. It
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exposure to the sun. Persons affected with these unsightly dis-
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Plaunchers, grow fo hard^ that they will not be pared, nor cut
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or ftretching of Sinews or Rerves, &c. p. 31. The f pee die ft and fafeft waf to cure the Swift-
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put the Horfes Tail, or Mane into the Pot, ftopping it all clofe about
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external parts, comprehending the labia pubendi (lip), the
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finely fearil, and' then well kneaded together, and lb made into.Balls as
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with a little mustard mixed in it. Drink nothing cold, and take
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Convulsions may be caused by excessive mental emotion, and
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Other Farriers ufe, Firft to wafh all the Horfe's Pafterns with Butter
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whifh thev invest and dpfpnd wbilp ^''^> °^ Spine; /, Os Sacrum, or
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gr^t itore of Saffron boiled together, or inftead of Milk, to give Ale,
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folloAving: Oil of Mace I ounce; Olive-Oil, 2 drachms; Water
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flesh-forming ingredient, but consists entirely of the heat-
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Quarts of Beer, the Italeft you can get, and a flice of Houfhold Bread,
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Aloes. Now the ancient Farriers did did ule to Purge their Horfes
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following pills : Compound squill pill, 1 dram ; ipecacuanha
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food we eat properly, by which such food is bolted, instead of
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ibrt : Fiift, To let him be warm covered with many Cloaths, and either
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and they happen fometimcs generally into many Parts of the Body,
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the testicle in most cases, leaves hard swelling on the back of
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Whites of two Eggs, and beat it till it come to an Oil, then put to it two
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ver till they fwell ; then take them off, and putting them into a clofe ear-
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into the constitution of man, and were supposed to temper each
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warm, then give her two fpoontuls of the Powder of Diapente well brew-
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To Cough, or to offer to Cough, is a fign either of theClanders^ or the
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are ever op.ned for any Grief in the Eyes. He hath two others which
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But I that know this Sicknefs proceedeth from the Brain and Sinews,
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bind her Mouth fall, lay her fo that her left fide be upward-, thea
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and Inferior articular processes, tho first looking upward
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by some immediately before the attack, and Avhich is knoAvn as
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IMuft give you to underftand, that this Sicknefs happens to your
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nicle, and in them two are bred the Difeafes beforementioned. Now in
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