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feen, and too well knoivn : He will, as if he were animated by the found of

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Bean-Flower, one ounce of Fenugreek, mix them with a Pint of old

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TAke of Wormwood, Sage^ Rofemary, and the bark of an Elm, or of a

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ing the Sore with your left Hand, pulling it fomewhat from the Sinews,

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ceptible beneath the fur, there is a scarlet fever present ; a

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vital parts, but alfo ftoppeth up the Conduits and VelTels of Wind, and

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then within a Day or two you fhail fee thofe which you drefs with

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Horfe whatfoever ^ yet I will wiih all Farriers not to be too bufie with

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fafling, keeping the Horfe from drinking three or four Hours afcer. O-

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thruft forth thefe unnatural Excretions.' Otherwife ic proceedeth from

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Although the teeth form so prominent and distinguishing a

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them^vell together in a difh, and put thereto the Whites of three Eggs,

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moment. If it be White, it is worj(e, yet with much eafe cured. If.it

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the bignefs of a Spaven ; then take two penny-weight of Verdigreafe

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end or tip of the Ear, cut a hole through the Skin of the Neck th^ ieiigti)

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tory of che Wall, Brank TJrfine ftampt with S wines- greafe, and lay


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brou£>;ht unto that evil habit o'( Body, that of NeceiTity he muft be purg-

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Raifins, fod well together in ftrong Wine, or elle they cut out the Ker-

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