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Diet be full Proportion, as likewile his Dreffing ;, another thing is alio

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Sore with Flax, and then cover it with a Plaifter as in cafe of \^'ounds,

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taking the Knot in your left Hand, and pulling it fo hard as you can

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CHAP. CLXXX. 0/ the makhig of Curtails^ or cuttivg of the

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of boiling water; boil the barley an hour, then add the raisins,

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make Practice. But they are mpch deceived ; for neither the Frafture

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helperh Spavins of both kinds, moft efpecially, any Farcy in thofe parts j

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fel in Wine-Vinegar, and fo bathe the Horfe's Cods therewith; ot

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tubercles almost invariably commence at the apex of the lungs,

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a handful of Wheat-bran, a Saucer fuU of Honey^ and half a pound of

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after forty, while typhus may occur at any age ; and the former

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time to tire, then prefently take otF his Saddle, and with the Herb Arfrnart

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death to contain only air. The arterial system of the human

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at bed-time, and to be rcucated in three or four hours, if not

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alfo you fliall let hira Blood on his two Spur- Veins, and on the Veins of

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it, as when it Rains moft part of the Week or fo ; and then you jnuft

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then for the contrary fide you ihall draw hilMane thereon, and plat

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The cold shower-bath is recommended if it can bo well borne,

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or any ipungy Excretion, either of Flefh or Bone whatfoever j of whofe

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About four or five hours after dinner, a cup of tea with a biscuit,

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der are numbed, fo as the Bladder is without feeling : Or it may come bv

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XS^W^ yon would have Hair to come very foon in any bare place, or to

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scanty urine, slimy discharges from the bowels from one to four

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14. Pineal gland. 15. Aquedui-i of Sylvius. IG. Fourth

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Molten-Greafe, which any violent Labour hath difTolved j they are ex-

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o^ the Hair, it is very ordinary and in hourly Praftice : The beft Cure

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and be fure Fold them before the Dew talis, and Fold them on dry

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causes, such as one oi the diseases which affect the eyeball, or

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joint, which is et^fie to be feen, in that the point of the fore Shoulder

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fter-wile upon a Cloath, and lay it to the Horfe's Temples of his Head

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Knees, of which,Wheat-ftraw is the beft : For though Barley-ftraw be the

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The next thing obfervable is the Coronet, or Socket of the

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warm to drink: Then for a Week together, once a Day, rub all the

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foot be clean waflied ; forthere is no greater Enemy unto the Sorance

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RofeSj and mixing them together, lay it hot unto the plaice • and if it

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Laflly, And as the chief of all Medicines for all manner of Worms,

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fift Afhes on their Backs. If you feed your Cattle well and put them into

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