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cree ; it foftneth and fiayeth Humours: It is good againfl: all Colds. See

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brew them till it be no more than lukewarm, and lb give the H or fe to

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contact are covered with cartilage, bound together by ligaments,

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come in any wet during the Cure. Others ufe, Firft to chafe the fore

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cough, with expectoration of mucus. With adults this, the most

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then cover the hole, and roaft the Onion foft, then bruife it in a Mor-

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Teeth, when either by Corruption of Blood, or fome other flatufal

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which, look first to your diet ; and as to quantity, remember that

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respiration, and is the largest of the three great cavities con-

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Treatment. — This, of course, must vary considerably in ac-

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when they are fuperabundantly mixt together, or of Melancholy Blood,

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lining membrane of that organ. In these cases, the patient is

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green peppermint and Avood sage, of each one ounce; Turkey

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sometimes pure mucus, or mucus streaked with blood; some-

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Ihall by no means Tent it; then immediately you fhall take up the

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mankind, and also in those parts of the skin of fair races which

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bowel. There is sickness at the stomach, and sometimes vomit-

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bled with the Sturdy : The Reafon being, becaufe the outfide of the Head

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should bo made, taking care that every part of flesh that the

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Barns open on all fides to Houfe Sheep in wet Weather, preferves them

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X you muft acquaint your Horfe with it, and give him his Heats there

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FIRST ihave off the Hair from the Swelling, then lay on a Plai-

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p 215-. Of Wwd Galls p. 216, A Strain in the F aft em Joint p. 218. To

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mount him, and ride him as in the Morning, Oiily let this difference be

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and reddifh, with little ftreaks of Blood in it. It is fuppofed by fome

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zen, two ounces of raw Honey, three ounces of Swines-greafe, two

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Jiis Feet, aud fpirt fome Water into his Mouth ^ after which, your ieif

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Horfes to neigh, or make a noife, you fhill take a lift of woollen Cloth,

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Branches, which palling through certain holes in his nether Chap, knit

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I have many times leen a Horie caft his Water that he drank, in very

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Ground that's out of Heart, and mow their Oats only the firft Year,

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The state of the lungs can generally be ascertained with

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physical, and also pressure upon the part affected.

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the Black- Yellows : For when it cometh unto the Gale of Mortality,

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the Brain, or elfe of ibme extream Heat or Cold, or of fome fudden

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of the Stragury, ibid. Of the Paln-pifs, or pffi'g with Pain, p. 94. Of

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niack, or fuch like. Other Farriers ufe^ after they have made the

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Doubt then to make certain and fpeedy Work, Firft, iliave off the

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structure, the breast, nose, &c., externally ; internally, the

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fmooth and ftrong Splents, binding them fait at both ends with a Thong,

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culty to operate u])on. Another cause is habitual inattention to

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.if it be withiji Night it matters notj bring l^im home (for note, there is

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and others find it a Difeafe very apt to breed, and to indanger the

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which palling through the hollownefs of the Neck and Back-bone, doth

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In persons troubled with tight foreskins, the matter from

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kenof) is moft delperate, but the pi^fervations and helps both to con-

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nothing of it^ but quickly underftanding the Bufinefs, begins both to

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guentum Album, and anoint all the fore places therewith once in

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