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Treatment. — Rest, abstinence, and more or less depletion,
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Nitrum is ofthe fame Nature that Salt-peter is, andit mundifieth exceed-
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as Namely, an univerfal Swelling of the Body, but efpecially the Lungs,
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Then to amend them, the beft Cure is, with a fine Rape File to fmooth
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fetch away the dead Flefh. Others ufe firft to pounce the Sore with
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Vi'lnter Seafon, ibid. O-' the Fever which cometh by Surfeit of Meat only, p. 29.
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cutting it in flices, fteep it in Muskadine, .and compel liim to fwallow
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ftick, of Pirch of Greece^ of Incenfe, and of Turpentine, of each a
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it is best not to discolor the skin by applying caustic, but to
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let the Horfe be fafting when he taketh this Medicine ; for it not only
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open-air exercise. The delicate may take exercise within doors,
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in its character the discharge which takes place in gonorrhea:
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warm b^ith and the flesh brush are also good, as are chalybeate
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dry Ways : Some cure it only by purging his Head with Pills of Butter
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Bread as heretofore, and fome Hay, but not ^o much as you were ufed to
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gether, and Tomcriraes to bathe them with hot Wine-Lees ; but if ii»
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thro' the Skin, and no more, fo big as you may well thrult in a Swan's
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Sattron one Ounce, of Myrrh two Ounces, of Southern-wood three
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and a little Dialthea, then take it off the Fire, and make of it a
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CHAP. XXVni. How to Bp the Manes and Tails of mite Hcrfes.
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both. The last is a smooth, soft, rather thick and pulpy mem*
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red, yellow, brown, brunette, which are observed amongst the
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Means there ilfueth forth of the Horle's Yard much filthy Matter. The
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of the infusion of cascarilla, morning and night. The following
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contact are covered with cartilage, bound together by ligaments,
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cough, with expectoration of mucus. With adults this, the most
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which Raking is in this Manner : Firft, you iliall anoint all your Hand
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respiration, and is the largest of the three great cavities con-
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hot Iron melt it upon the head of the firings: Then fear the firings, and
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tion of the pupils of the eyes ; in this case but little can be done
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do best. Should the attack be soon after a full meal, adminis-
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as Inflammations, Obftru£lions, Apofthumes, and Ulcers ^ and truly in
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Clows are hot and dry in the third Degree, and are very comfortable :to
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bled with the Sturdy : The Reafon being, becaufe the outfide of the Head
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pain in passing it. The matters passed from the bowels are
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X you muft acquaint your Horfe with it, and give him his Heats there
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but very sparingly, because, if death does not ensue, tliere will
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p 215-. Of Wwd Galls p. 216, A Strain in the F aft em Joint p. 218. To
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of his i- Get with Hogs greafe" and Bran boiled or fiied together, fohoc
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taken up with the brine, and salted pork is far more nutritive
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faften them on the Top of the Horfe's Head ; which done. Ride him
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appetite, great thirst, weakness, and disinclination to motion ;
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I have many times leen a Horie caft his Water that he drank, in very
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^he fpace of nine Days, for this will allay the heat of the M«dicine»
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bind them up, renewing it once in Fourteen Hours for three or four
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the Black- Yellows : For when it cometh unto the Gale of Mortality,
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make the Shc-es of his hinder Fe^t fliorter thsii the Horn of his Toes
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views of medical men have of late somewhat ch^anged. Watson,
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which is required in every Member of a well-fliaped Horfe, that the care-
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when the Water Conduit is flopped with grofs Humours, or with matter
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A S foon as you perceive the fwelling to appear, lay upon it a Plai-
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some forms of intestinal irritation and hemorrhage, it is mor-
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without putting him into any Sweat, and it hath never failed to work
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all other parts of the Member, efpecially the Maftcr-vcin from the
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Of the Sicknefs of the Heart, called the Anticor, ibid. Of tired Horfes, p.68.
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