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mony, Fumitory, Camomill, Wormwood, Licoras, Annileeds, Smal-
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raw, grofs, and Flegmetick Matter,apt to PLitiefaclion^and ingendredby
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sometimes pure mucus, or mucus streaked with blood; some-
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Ihall by no means Tent it; then immediately you fhall take up the
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from the abuse of purgative medicines, the}^ must be discon-
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as Inflammations, Obftru£lions, Apofthumes, and Ulcers ^ and truly in
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Clows are hot and dry in the third Degree, and are very comfortable :to
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bled with the Sturdy : The Reafon being, becaufe the outfide of the Head
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pain in passing it. The matters passed from the bowels are
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X you muft acquaint your Horfe with it, and give him his Heats there
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but very sparingly, because, if death does not ensue, tliere will
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p 215-. Of Wwd Galls p. 216, A Strain in the F aft em Joint p. 218. To
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of his i- Get with Hogs greafe" and Bran boiled or fiied together, fohoc
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taken up with the brine, and salted pork is far more nutritive
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faften them on the Top of the Horfe's Head ; which done. Ride him
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appetite, great thirst, weakness, and disinclination to motion ;
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I have many times leen a Horie caft his Water that he drank, in very
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^he fpace of nine Days, for this will allay the heat of the M«dicine»
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bind them up, renewing it once in Fourteen Hours for three or four
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the Black- Yellows : For when it cometh unto the Gale of Mortality,
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make the Shc-es of his hinder Fe^t fliorter thsii the Horn of his Toes
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views of medical men have of late somewhat ch^anged. Watson,
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which is required in every Member of a well-fliaped Horfe, that the care-
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when the Water Conduit is flopped with grofs Humours, or with matter
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A S foon as you perceive the fwelling to appear, lay upon it a Plai-
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some forms of intestinal irritation and hemorrhage, it is mor-
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without putting him into any Sweat, and it hath never failed to work
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all other parts of the Member, efpecially the Maftcr-vcin from the
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Of the Sicknefs of the Heart, called the Anticor, ibid. Of tired Horfes, p.68.
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can be level with his Body : but many choofe a long Buttock'd Horfe for
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you (hall caufe the Horfe to leave his rubbing ; but if you perceive the
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a Flux of cold Humours ingendred by it) they will have a Fever. If they
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C H A P. CLVIII. Oj Lice and Vermin^ and how to kill them.
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Powder, then lay ibme of that Powder jaft upon the liead of the Wart,
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only a flower and not fo much ftraming ; for it being a fwift Pace, by
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may not fall ouf, renewing it once a Day the fpace of feven Days,
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an Egg, for a day or two ; and laltly, to dry it up with the Powder
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Containing all Cures Chyrnrgiral^ or fuch Infirmities
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with the second and third of the above formulas: Guiacum
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drams; carbonate of potash, 1 dram; water, 8 ounces. Two
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and by procefs of time, it cometh ro be a hard Bone, and caufeth the
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in any inward Difeafe, or outward accidental infirmity, as Sprains, Difloca-
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Wing, and firft at the Quill's end,with a Needle, faften two longThreadsj
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ers take Wine, and old Oil, and Tar, mingled and boiled together,
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To tah the beft Advantage of the Ground in any Race, ibid. To tnow by the Hair of yrur
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though there are not wanting Aveight and numbers on the other
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Scowring, but that being laid afide, give him in the room of it Balls a-
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her , After bring them out, and let him Serve her, and have ready a
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weak behind, then is the Grief in his Hinder-legs only.
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arises from an over-loaded condition of the vessels, there is
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too cold, too moift, or too dry. Thirdly, when any Member of the
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Idiosyncrasy. — In most individuals tliere are certain
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respectively 14 flesh-forming, 7 heat-giving, 1 mineral salts, 78
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the mouth with water. These lozenges will not only cure foulness
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incenfe, Rozen, and frefh Greafe, of each a like quantity, and ha-
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Farriers which ufe after they have cut out the Haw, to anoint the Eye
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then fpread it upon a Linen Cloth, as big as the Sore, having firft
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want thereof wet Hay, and with Cloaths, Surfmgles and Cords,Swaddle
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Beware likewile how to give him any Hay, unlels immediately after
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