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Pvrri, which ue call Leeks, Scallions or, Onion, are hot and and dry.,
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force exerted that several attendants are required to keep the
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Farriers, you fhall firft wafh the Wound well with White- Wine warmed,
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squills, 2 drams; mucilage of acacia, 1 ounce- water, 4 ounces.
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Let the patient have perfect rest and quietness, in a well-
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Treatment. — The best remedy is a little red precipitate
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Cawkins, and your Nails to have fpecial good heads.
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goes to anoint the hairs and the surface of the skin. Hence it
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often difficult to heal, especially in weakly and ill-conditioned
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hours ; sago, 1| hours to two hours ; milk, 2 hours ; cabbage,
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Weapons, and Bruifes with blunt Weapons: Notwithftanding, if by
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two or thrcas days ; and at the three days end, take away the Plaifter,
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ward : Thole are faid to be outward, which proceed of outward Caufes,
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do(the which no doubt by this time you will have taught him to do) b' ing
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after. See farther in the new Additions, for any Strain general, No^
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A healthy, full-grown man respires about twenty times in a
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ever take oiF the dry Scab or Scurf, and make the Sore as clean and
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of Butter as big as a Hen's Egg, and fo give it the Horfe failing in
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ward Difeafes one Sicknef^^ j the true Grounds and Caufes not being look-
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posed of a numl)er of smaller bundles, and these of single fibres,
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Each kidney together forms a firm, fleshy 'mass, which is
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and Saffron mingled as well together as is before fhewed. renewing
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Horfe's Legs therewith^ holding an hot Iron near thereunto, to make
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bium to it : Keep this Ointment, and anoint therewith two long Feathers
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your ^land clofe the hollow Skin to the Forehead hard again : And (hortly
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immediately after the food is swallowed ; and sometimes with-
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every Day till che Cure be perfedied and it is much available.
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Back, fo that he fcarcely feels it is on •, then fpread a large white Linnen
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and it vviil diffolve any Humours that are gathered or bound together.
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Hares Skin, or a Coney Skin, and (top the Wound well therewith,
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Nature docs not intend the child to take food that requires
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it with Honey, and the white Hair will come. Other Farriers ufe to a-
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take the Wind-Gall away. Now for the making of the Oil of the
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4 first molars, one on each of the two sides of the two
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Red-Role-water. Others ufe to take tlie Gall of ,a Black Sheep and beat
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out to relieve the system of morbific matter, and if in tliis case
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ing flit through and bruifed as will fill up the Pot ^ then flopping the Pot
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a Day till the Swelling be gone. See farther in the New Additions
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ftrong Difeafes ^ and Cauftick, which is as much as to fay burning, when
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Sore, renewing it once a Day, and it will not only heal this Sor&,
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cisely the same way as they did at first. Gradually the fangs
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taken every night, and the following in the daytime : Com-
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The principle acted upon is that of cutting off the supply of
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Farriers, it is, Firft to let the Horfe Biood in thole Veins which are
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much higher than the flefh, and if ic be of any longer Continuance
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plied, and a warm poultice afterwards. The heart of a roasted
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maimer before you g;ive them to him, after which leave him for the
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and applying either of them, they knit the Sinews again, if they be
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prefs^ or of S^yke^ and Oyl de Bay mixt together, and with it anoint his
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Pain come from the ffiffnefs (if his Joints, Take a Pound of Black
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Touching the Sinews within a Horfe's Body, you fhall underftand
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Wheat- Flower mingled together, and Rowl it with a long Rowler;
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and distributes the blood more effectually through every jiart.
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of life predispose them to this disease, should, when such warn-
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purge his Head with Fumes or Pills, fuch as will force him to Sneeze,
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certain it is, thai; the pain and anguiili of" fuch Wounds will bring a Horfe
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hiring of Flie-^, which is very troublefome unto them, then you lliall
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large and ftrong Wind, and that youi' Horfe will hold out a Race very
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you fhall take your former Tool or Gouge, and witli your Mallet fti ike
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Its upper end is small, and forms only a small part of the elbow
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well-being of the whole frame depends in a great measure on
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have a care that you touch not the Mailer- Vein, bat put it by ; then
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to do three or four times ^t leaft. Others ufe to take Wormwood, Peuceda-
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cranium and pelvis. In some parts the edges indent or inter-
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likely to be aff"ected in this way; those of a feebler habit more
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the anus, which ulcer has often a connection with the lower
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of good mettl'd f_.imbs and ftrength to bear him out.
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