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the Member is disfigured, they will then firft purge the Horfe with '
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the Symptoms of every Grief, we are inforced to conclude all under one
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prescription : Muriate tincture of iron, one drachm, chlorate of
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make it bend inward, then ftraining the midft of your Tool upon the
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Colt, and he will be the willinger to cover the Mare, by reafon of his Airy
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Labour and Travel, which is true Tirednefs indeed. Now for the firft,
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prevention, which is, To keep a Horfe from hewing one Leg upon
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he is hot, or feeding upon grols, foul and corrupt Foods, as in low
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with exceedini< great Pain ^ and furelv it is a kind of Convulfion of
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A plant will not flourish until it has light. Put a geranium
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this quickly. If they want boiled mutton to be juicy, they
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turn up his upper Lip, or that which is moft fwelled, and with a Laun-
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Urine will be blackifh. and thick, and his Stones (if he have any) will be
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of teeth, and frequently the tongue is thereby grievously in-
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den-hair, the Crops of Nettles, Carduus. Benediftus, Herb Fluetin,
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grow hard, and in a Day or two it will make the Horfe's Eye found again.
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however it is a dangerous Infirmity and is the beginning of many other
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as our Farriers are experienced) is Barrennels, which may pro-
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Eustachian tube. It is traversed by a chain of small movable
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fafhion as is made of Leather, and in like fort to uie it. But for mine own
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nervous irritability, the mode of treatment must also be sooth-
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tinues, give half a dram of rhubarb once or twice a day.
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Jleverai Branches, or leffer Rivulets. Firft, within the Palate of his
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natick, ordelcending humours, then take a Spoonful and a half of fine
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tion of numerous leeches in the groin, or of cupping to the loins,
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-engendring Strength, only the Maili is to be ufed after Labour, or in-
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cut the infides of the Horfe*s Cheeks ; then with youi i .le, file them
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A Wen is a certain Bunch or Kernel on the Skin, like a Tumor or
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and water or flaxseed-tea. If there are febrile symptoms, add
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of it is often diseased. It is an old saying, that good eating re-
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thers ufe to give him wet Hay, and moderate Travel: Then take twenty
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Maili of Malt and Water luke-wann : From any otlier Meat keep him
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and constitutional j)redisposition, and where tliis exists the in-
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Gut, they may all very well be helped by the Cure. Yet that you
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Ko'vV to come to particular Receipts and Medicines themfelves ; y on
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for this will both eat away the ill Flefh, and incarnate good. Ochtrs
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Knife, and open it in the length of a Bean, piercing no further into it
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ftir it with a Stick to keep it from clearing • and when it hath bled as
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Sorance foever it proceed, then to take Turpentine fimply of
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sal volatile, h dram. Mix in a Avineglassful of camomile tea, and
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Joinc outwardj and the Bone on theinfide will be fomewhat bigger than
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symptoms are running at the nose, watering of the eyes, frequent
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felf, and if it be in Summer, you may turn the Horfe to Grafs.
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jturpofe. If you are not ftrong enough to Knead it with your Hands
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lining membrane of that organ. In these cases, the patient is
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noises, violent colds, inflammation or ulceration of the membrane
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manna, ^ ounce ; T)eppermint water, 5 ounces ; tincture of rhu-
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