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When the bleeding has stopped there should be no haste to re-

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Horfes to neigh, or make a noife, you fhill take a lift of woollen Cloth,

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Branches, which palling through certain holes in his nether Chap, knit

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I have many times leen a Horie caft his Water that he drank, in very

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Ground that's out of Heart, and mow their Oats only the firft Year,

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The state of the lungs can generally be ascertained with

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physical, and also pressure upon the part affected.

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the Black- Yellows : For when it cometh unto the Gale of Mortality,

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the Brain, or elfe of ibme extream Heat or Cold, or of fome fudden

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of the Stragury, ibid. Of the Paln-pifs, or pffi'g with Pain, p. 94. Of

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niack, or fuch like. Other Farriers ufe^ after they have made the

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Doubt then to make certain and fpeedy Work, Firft, iliave off the

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structure, the breast, nose, &c., externally ; internally, the

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fmooth and ftrong Splents, binding them fait at both ends with a Thong,

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culty to operate u])on. Another cause is habitual inattention to

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.if it be withiji Night it matters notj bring l^im home (for note, there is

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and others find it a Difeafe very apt to breed, and to indanger the

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which palling through the hollownefs of the Neck and Back-bone, doth

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In persons troubled with tight foreskins, the matter from

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kenof) is moft delperate, but the pi^fervations and helps both to con-

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nothing of it^ but quickly underftanding the Bufinefs, begins both to

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guentum Album, and anoint all the fore places therewith once in

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vender, foundring in the Body, and fuch like. The next is, to take of

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fide of his Thigh, called the Kidney-vein, will flack and beat continual-

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you (hall caufe the Horfe to leave his rubbing ; but if you perceive the

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Drink, but that many times he will vomit and caft it up again : For

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letting on of his Hoofs, going backwards by degrees till the whole Body

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aperients, if required, must be of a cordial nature; but all this

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Powder, then lay ibme of that Powder jaft upon the liead of the Wart,

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and toes. Exposure to sudden alternations of heat and cold

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anoint the Horfe with the fame. If the Grief be only in the Sinews_,

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is reas(m to suppose the stomach is overloaded, an emetic, com-

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ino- into the interior, and forming thin but dense sheaths to the

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Wax, melt them in a pewter VelTel, and l^ir them well together, and

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Sahiay which we call Sage,, is hot and dry in the fecond D. gree : U

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wife Phyllcians do confuk together when they meet with a fick Patient, fo

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of Oil two ounces, and of Wax three ounces, mix them together over

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it will purge the Horfe from all Coftivenefs or pain in the Guts. Rye

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fjgnifies Dulnefs and wane of Courage ; a thin Main that is not made fo by

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an Egg, for a day or two ; and laltly, to dry it up with the Powder

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across the body, being partially covered by the peritoneum.

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hath fufficicnt Force andVertue to break ary Pearl or Web in a iliort fpace,

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Containing all Cures Chyrnrgiral^ or fuch Infirmities

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Training up of Race-Horles ; Shewing how to prepare them

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cay much in his Fleih, and yet eat his Meat with more greedinefs than

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to apply the strapping in a proper manner, and as it is only ap-

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the White of an Egg, and a quarter of an ounce of Red Lead, boil

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I here fhall undertake to lay down for the better fatisfa£tion of thofe

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Mealies, put Mens Urine amongft their Wafh, and it will keep them

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pain and restlessness. Poppy fomentations, or flaxseed-meal

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To tah the beft Advantage of the Ground in any Race, ibid. To tnow by the Hair of yrur

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Hours he may not touch the fore Place wi;h his Mouth. Now in

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Saffron, of Caffia and Cinnamon, of each a like quantity, beat them to

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Feirocell'mmj which we call Paificy, or Stone-ParIl«2y, is, and tfpecially

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we call Autumn^ and they are of a longer continuance than the other.

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her , After bring them out, and let him Serve her, and have ready a

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lost by diseases produced from the check to perspn*atioii, which

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