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Empty ^ and then in the height of Greedinefs, giving him fuch fuper-
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Nitrum mingled with Oil and Honey 5 or elle add to your Cucumbers
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B Lifters are certain waterifh hollow Blebs which do arife betwixt the
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on the hole, and the Wind will ftay in, and the Horfe's Countenance will
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C. The H|ilnal accessory nerve. I), the ninth nerve, which Is the motor nervo of the tonguu.
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tion of numerous leeches in the groin, or of cupping to the loins,
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I a dram; syrup of orange peel, 1 dram; water, 10 ounces.
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at the leaft, and for three Days after, keep the Horfe as much as may be
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on the right hj the fissure for the vena cava. The lohulus
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found in Cautery is, that it commonly leaveth a great Scar, which is
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suppuration, poultices should be constantly applied until matter
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get some water at as low a temperature as possible, and pour
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able to tread upon any hard Ground, The Signs of the Sorance are,
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him this Drink three Mornings together ^ keep the Horle warm during
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CHAP. CLXXV, Of Cautei'iz27!g. or giving the Fire^ the Kinds arii-
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but it is very certain you may fave your Sheep alive, if you take but
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parts. It frequently arises from acute rheumatism, or from
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Provender at leaft four times a Day, that is, after his Water in the Morn-
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Treatment. — What has been said on congestion of the brain
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Squirt, iquirt in three or four Squirts full into his Yard one after another,
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purposes of ablution the tepid water is the best, choosing the
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moment. If it be White, it is worj(e, yet with much eafe cured.
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•■' brew them together, and boil them till the Honey is melted a-
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Koi-fe like Water, then you fhallund^rftand, that either the Horfe hath
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the Gravel with a Drawing-Knife, leaving none behind ; then flop
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only on the left fide, and to ufe the reft of the Cure as is abovefaid,
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cases independent of such causes. It arises from extension of
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Hair, fcrape, or as it were curry away all the white foam, fweat, and
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them, yet when the chick comes forth it comes forth with the
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throw upon it either the Powder of Bole-Armonick, or of Frankincence,
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Fat thereof, and ftamp it iu a Mortar, and thereto put of Liquoriih, of
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Boars-greafe rnolren, and boil them all well together^ and then ftrain
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pungent and ammoniacal when decomposition takes place.
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grieved, for if it carry not his true proportion, or be more or lefs in num-
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ing it once a Day till the Mallander be whole ; or elfe beat Hens dung
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of Eggs, and of Bok-Armoniack a quartern, beaten into Powder, of
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Our next diagram (Fig. 46) represents a front segment of a
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each a like Quantity, and mix them together and wafh the Sore with
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grains, or sugar of milk, six grains. Make one powder and
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permint-water, 1^ ounces; sal volatile, \ dram; sweet spirits of
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Agnfat is a known Unguent that is good againft all Tumours.
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Firft, Let him Blood in the Neck-vein, then give him this Drink :
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opened for the fhedding of the Hair or Manginefs. So there is in the
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Other Farriers take Unguentum iEgypti-^cum, which is made of
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worts fodden in Wine ^ the Elfecls of all which I only refer to Expe-
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C FI. A P. LViL A mrfi artain arid affroved Cure for the Botch
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an'd when you have occafion to ufe them, take one and anoint it with
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commencing in one of the limbs, and proceeding upwards to the
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Coughs should never be neglected, they are so frequently
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Horfe be grown into an Extremity of Weaknefs) to take only Verjuice
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Morning, about feven or eigiit a-Clock, open the Horfe's Mouth v/ith a
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are not equal to meat. With flesh meat a carnivorous animal
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proaches will bo very gradual, unless this change is the result
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ance in consequence of a single debauch ; but more frequently it
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the lame Hour of the next Day,at what time hisFit will begin again. And
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diforderly Diet : For queftionlefs from thefe two, and none other Heads,
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skin together on a purfe, folding the packthred oft and oft about, and ftill
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Blood in the Neck- vein, and let him bleed well, then three Mornings
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Others ufe, after the Horfe is let blood, to take of Oil de Bay a
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Eclectic or Herbal Treatment for Asthma.— When the
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teth whatfoever is oppreffed with any cold Flegm, or hot cholerick fub-