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be Foundred, otherwife no more than are Foundred ^ and thua you
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Jithjmalis, which we call Spurge or Milk-Thiftle, is hot an i dry in the
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with a pair of Pinfons round about, until you have found the P'ace
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have done, which being perfected according to the beft of your Skill, Sur-
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Now the general Cure for the Sicknefs of the Liver, is, according to
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foreskin and glans of the penis. The patient should rest as
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which done, wrap it clofe about with unwafhed Wool newly pulled from
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cannot conceive how any help iliould come from burning of the Skin,
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vegetables, etc. ; drink plentifully of balm tea, sweetened with
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ufe to mix Grounfel and jicjitaviu together, and to put that into his Ears.
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the anterior angle of the thyroid and the anterior surface of the
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flrrate in the Ibund Horfe, who is no ways defeftive, becaule in him may
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fibres united with each other by means of scalloped borders, the
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When, as is often the case, the patient is violent, he should
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rhubarb, 2 drams; carbonate of magnesia, 1 dram; tincture
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twice or thrice a Day wich Hogs-greafe. for more than a Week to-
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termed smooth muscle. The former is known by its size, its
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Farriers, firft to cut away all the dead or proud flefh even to the Bone,
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Outward Sorances, according to my meaning in this place, are taken
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Cough, jhortnefs of Breath, Vurfmefs, or Broken-winded.^
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privation is still more rapidly fatal ; but the quality of the air is
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If a Horfe ftrike with hi*^ Foot at his Belly, it is a fign of the Cholick^
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forafrnuch as a Horfe is troubled with many Difeafes in the Guts, and
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Chap. XCVIII. Of Turglng Medicines in Gcnerul, and firfi of the Suppofitory,
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or drefled with courfe Oil, the fmell of which often makes your Horfe's
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a dose of Peruvian bark in a little wine, or a little ginger and
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bove the Pafterns, they denote the Scratches or Chops : Curs or Scars be-
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Mtnito, which we call red Lead, is cold and dry, and good againft Swel-
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certain it is, thai; the pain and anguiili of" fuch Wounds will bring a Horfe
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end of wliicli is situated in the epigastric, and the larger in the
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well rubbed with dry Cloaths, cover him up again with a Linnen Coverer,
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fure that your Stable be made clean before you bring your Horfe in a-
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to the peculiar disease of which it may be symptomatic ; and first
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in Wine ; then take half a Pint of that, and another half Pint of old
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Now if in the Horfe's Tail fhall grow any Canker, which will confume
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laudanum, and apply a hot bath; afterwards give the following
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gree ; they will raife Blilters in the found Parts.
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but not numerous, interweaving, as in many parts they do, into
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C H ^ P. XIII. Some DireSlojis to hrcveafe Milk in Em.
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by Excrcife, or otherwile drive him into a Sweat •, then let his Back and
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tni. of the Thigh-bone, and the upper end of the great Hough-bone
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Now of Corrofives fome be fimple, and fbme be compound : The
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The next I have to treat of is Galloping, which is natural to all the for*-
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respect it resembles the mesmeric sleep, or the state of insensi-
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firfti and the.DIiTplution will appear on the fore-part of the Cronet,
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ferior maxillary Vjranch of the fifth nerve. This also comes from the sont^itivo root. It la
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paratively rational, or dies from exhaustion. In such cases
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well rubb'd, take a quart of ftrorg Ale, and put thereto half an Ounce of
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Opinion of the moft ancient Fariers, Take a Tile ftore, and at er you
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great) for three or four Days together; Then, having drawn out all
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mondSjtwo Drams of Ox-Gall,and a half-penny in black EUebor flamped,
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present or impending ; if purulent, it may indicate the latter
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maceti, I ounce ; almond oil, 3 ounces. Melt together, stir well,