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Raifins, fod well together in ftrong Wine, or elle they cut out the Ker-

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rule of treatment is not to attempt by opiates or by other di-

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jg^ which is a Difeafe moft plain^ both to be felt and ^ztn j then the

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top of the VVichers, and flroaking the Wind up equally with your

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in numbers according to the age and strength of the patient,

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doth ; and therefore this never waxeth hard, nor groweth to a Bone,

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back, and ride him a while roundly up and down a Road ; then alight

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will creep into their Holes, and kill them or fright them out. Sixth, The

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and then to burn all the Knots as is aforefaid, and then to heal the

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power. It is eminently contagious and infectious, and often pre-

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Plaifter thereof two Fingers broad, and as long as will go round about

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of Rue, chop them likewife, put all theie into three Quarts of ftrong

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from any Light. Other Farriers ufe to anoint the Horfe's Eyes with

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Firft then, A good Hoof fliould be fmooth,of Colour Black and

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beat it to Powder, and mix -it with a little White-wine, then after it hath

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tic seizures, and other symptoms of embarrassed circulation.

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then bruife them, and ftrain out the Water clean, and being warm'

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warmed then to kill the Fire with Cream and Oil beaten together, and when it

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fufficient, if you obferve the Dieting of him, which muft be indifferently

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Sorance, is. To take of Ginger and of Allom, of each a like Quan-

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anoint all the fore places therewith ; that done, let not the Horfe

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himself is generally a singing in the ears ; then the sight be-

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with until it be raw andblcody, and then anoint it with this Oint-

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painful to the touch, immediate steps should be taken to prevent

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Treatment. — In regard to the treatmeiit of cholera the

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terize whatfoever, that you ever draw with the Hair, and never againft the

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cond Degree : lecleanfeth, incarnateth, and comforteth Wounds.

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assisted vision, that in many parts we are only made aware of

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up fome Straw under his Feet, making him ruftle j then whiftle, and

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and to mix therewith a Handful or better of Hempfeed ^ only in this

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Fikmontano, which we call a Dodder-, being a thing th^t cleaveth to Herbs,,

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Wound with a Probe or fmall Inftrumentof Steel made for the Purpofe,

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then it is a £gn of Glanders ^ if the Matter be Black, then it is a lign of

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and do thus once a Day until the Sores dry up. Other Farriers take

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loofened, and yet the Horfe halteth by means of fome grief in that

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black, and foul, only he will cut even, and his Teeth will ftand direOity

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which, and the fe vera 1 Situations you fhall more plainly behold in this

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you give him any Provender, be fure to waih it in Ale, or Beer ^ then.

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The use of the tepid bath is more important for the pur-

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nor the reft of the ftrainings, but make it hot every Day to perfume the

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tween his Legs ill-favouredly : It Cometh (as oar beft Fairiers fuppofej

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of Opinion, that this Difeafe which we call Foundring in the Body,

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Wort, with a pint and a half of Malmfey three Days together ; after

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Bone, fometimes as big as a Hazle-Nut, fomecimes as big4K a

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ver •, becaufe the Liver is Spongeous like the Lungs, therefore the Cure

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Cure^ it W kccoT^'mg to the- Opinion of the aAd Fapriers^ in this man-

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lated to amount to 170,000,000, forming a surface thirty times

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The Cure 1 have ever ufed for this Grief, was either to make him

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Burnings is to burn with Medicines, as are Caufticks and Corrofives.

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part of his Back, the Cuie is, (according to the Opinion of fomeof

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Firft, by a Loathing of his M^ats, next by the wafting of his Fleih,

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cough is troublesome, take a tea made of slippery-elm bark, or

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Verdigreafe, Orpiment, Sal Arn->oniack, and the Powder of Coloquin-

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it upon the Spaven ; then lay dry Lint betwixt the Medicine and the

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fits Billy gmnt^ bis Back ts bmd, and Bnafied big mtbaL

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