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a dry bracing air, will be most proper ; a sheltered residence,

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If inftead of the Herbs themfelves, you give the Juice of the Herbs ia

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ccmpounded wirh their like, the Medicine is called Ancdjneor L'yncgs

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to fweat mightily, and fall a trembling and flaring, as if his Eyes were

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filler hard Skin wich frefn Butter or Hogs greafe^ until it be mollified

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to the Veflel : It is hoc and dry in the third Degree, and only clean-

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first insipidus (tasteless), when the urine retains its usual taste;

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the chopt Nettles, and fo bind it to the Sore, renewing it once a Day

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mours needing to be purged, it is beft firft to give him a Suppofitory, left

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the fit, as Ave have said, usually comes on suddenly, yet there

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moft Vile ; nor can it be done, but tothe utter fpoiling and killing of the

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him dritik before he be inwardly cooled, or before his Body be dried :


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is also caused by hereditary taint, and resolves itself into a con-

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not much encreafing, although not at all healing, and the- be called

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Horfe i you fliall perceive ic by his trailing his Leg upon the Ground

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Vein, then bathe and chafe his Joint and Leg therewich all about

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be very foft -^ then cover him with fome piece of rich Tapiftry or Cloath

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a couple of Eggs exceeding hard, and then in the very Violence of

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Let the lid of the affected eve be carefully closed ; damp

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Stale fod with Salt, and that will dry upche Humour and heal i., ^^ -u

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Inflammation of the Bladder. Causes.— It is seldom a

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of Malmfey. Others take of unburnt Brimftone two Ounces, of Arifto-

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and Tiring. The fign is only the apparent hanging down of the Mem-

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that is very dry upon it, fbmetime after ftrike it off again, and anoint it

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old Shoce, v/ith an hole inthe.midft,. which is called a French Rowe],

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may be given. The following preparation has been found very

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Powders, and with as much Wheat-flower as will bind and knit them all

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Foal, let us return again unto Horfes. There be other Farriers which

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or laudanum ; apply hot flannels moistened with compound cam-

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ing hot Accidents, and thcv ufe for their Cure to let him Blood on the

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^ hollow of the Paftern-Jcinr, is a little Bladder full of Jelly, like

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this Medicine only : Take of Red Wine three pints, half a handful of

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have Pain in his Ears, without any great Pain or Imflammation, then

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The following is recommended to be taken by persons who

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are sometimes the most useful that can be employed in

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ring which time, the Horfe muft not come in any wet, and it muft be

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The Heart is the great central organ of circulation, ^ts

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mustard whey, and the like; and take some of the following:

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ftand in Litter up to the Belly -, then give him to drink Water wherein

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Now for his hinder Legs, you muft obferve whether they be fine, near,

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Quinzy, and not as fome of the old Farriers fuppofe, the Strangle ; for

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digitalis, but the nature of this remedy renders it unadvisable

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bottom nor tie the fame, then there is no Remedy, but every time you

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Alth^a have been fod ^ then after dry it gently with your hand and it will

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drietb and cleanfeth exceedingly, and of feme called Woolf '« Milk.

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ing as you were taught before, leaving no part unrubbed •, laftly, witli

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in corpore.sano, as is the well-known Latin saying. A man's

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thin Air, and loofe Body, cleanfeth andavoideth thole Grof>neffes which

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cartilage. Each of these glands consists of a single lengthened

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of each a like quantity, chop them all together, and boil it in Man's

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them, beat them alfb into fine Powder, and mix them with the firfl" :

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Hydropathic Treatment. Water a Healing Remedy, ... 505

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2. The Second is, If V'.y Gentleman have fet up a Horfe in a Stable

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through which the air passes into the lungs, commonly known

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I Palture will conduce much toward their Recovery, and place them

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