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NArcijfi Radix, which we call the Root of a white Vaffodtl, or elfe Prim*
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p. 7. Of Powers, and how a Horfe'^s Body is governed by them, p. 8. Of Ac-
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solution caused by the flow of tears acting on the sulphate.
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which vou pleafe, at your ieifure, and in any Cafe, whilft the Horfe is
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the cheek, which spreads and opens into a shallow ulcer on the
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alfo. Now for my part, I rather hold it an Infirmity of the Stomach
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ling to expel ^ they purge the Stomach, Head, and Ertralls, they kill
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THIS Diieafe which we call the Confumption of the Fleih, is an
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As for the fecond, If your Horfe be exceeding poor, then about fix
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and making it fcalding hot, to fcald the Sore extreamly therewith upon
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Hole be ready to clofe up, making the Tent every Day lelTer and leffer
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fome mix the Lees of Soap with fome ftrong Lee of a Buck, and give
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in the bottom be uncovered or not ,• and if it be not uncovered, then
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and certainly it will cure him. Now during the Cure, the Horfe muft
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are compounded with their like, then the Medicir^e is amongft Leaches cal-
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under his Eyes, and in the Palate of his Mouth, you ihall alio purge his
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ih^ll make him fweat often, for that will raife upi the duft and filth, which
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into his Eyes the Powder of Black Flint, or of Land-Oifters : But that
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People who work in dark rooms, or in mines are sallow and
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predisposing causes of apoplexy, to which it has been said that
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Meafled Hogs, for take all the care you can to prevent it, fome may hap-
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tlien he is faid to be.Stark-mad, which you ftiall know by his biting at eve-
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Other Farriers ufe, if the Horfe be young to let him blood,
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the eyelids puff" out and entirely close the eyes, and each avenue
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ful of Purllane, and mix it with Gum-Tragacanth, Annifeeds, and Da-
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both torments the Horle more than there is occaiion, and doth but only
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der, 4 drams ; cinnamon water, 5 ounces. Make a mixture, and
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painful, therefore it is best not to interfere with them ; for if
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agreed as to the suitability of water as a drink, but everybody
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apply them, except under professional direction. In all cases
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I'/ory, or an old Stag's Horn, efpecially the Tips thereof burnt.
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flammation of the lining membrane of the passages of the throat,
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of these divisions, although their peculiar offices in the animal
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Horn twice a Day, and it will effedt what is defired.
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has been known to occasion it; certain objects presented to the
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Third Litter is accounted bell. 'Tis faid January, February, and Marchy
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to delay the progress of the case until aid can be obtained.
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fecond Degree ; and whenfoever any of thefe Simples are compounded with
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CHAP. XLIIL A certain and aff roved way^ how to raife u$ , .
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firft Diet in the ordering your Race Horfes, ■■'
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the Horfe hath much Meat, and little or no Labour, as for the moft
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mixt togetlicr, and of the lame put fbme into his Ears : Then make him
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Horfe's forehead, and it will fcald oiF the Hair, then toanoint it with Honey
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Egg, and two fpoonfuls of Rye flowery mix them all well together,
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tinued and violent coughing in the efforts to expel it, which
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Balsam, 2 ounces; Oil of Almonds 1^ ounces; Extract of Cantha-
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and diliblve it in hot Beer, and if it will not qiiickly diflolve, crumble it in
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CHAP, CXIV. General Ohfervatiom for the Feet and Hoofs
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of Hyffop one ounce, of rhe drt p.> ( f ^rmoniack one otmce, of Pirch half
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fore places with the Powder of firimftone, Verdigreafe, and Oil-
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— the pain being increased on pressure, or by lying upon the
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■Co much Ground, the which you may obferve by the fame Method as you
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the Liver of a Horfe is grieved with any Grief, of what Nature or Con-
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will flop •, then with that Cord you ftroke down the Vein juft over tl]fe O-
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two branches, viz., an anterior for the cochlea and a posterior
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near to his Back, if his Stones hang down and fwag about in the Cods, they
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tient begins to recover, a course of tonics will be necessary to
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arises from it. In cases where there is difficulty of expector-
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dition foever it be ^ and fo likewife general Receipts to cure all the
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Sorance will ftink much. The Cure is, according to the Opinion of
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face of a tough fibro-vascular membrane, called the corium or