About Abbie

My name is Abbie, I am 27 year old and a mommy to a beautiful little girl. I have lived in many different places due to my husband’s work and previously to my father’s career when I was younger. I am a stay at home mom, homemaker and full-time student (yeah to on-line classes), I would not change this for the world. Some of the places I have lived and loved have been are Germany, Japan, USA (obviously) and Thailand. I would have to say that Japan was the best place we have lived so far.

I got a precious part of my family from Japan, her name is Sakura and she is the cutest little mutt anyone could fall in love with. My baby girl was also born in Japan and spent her first 2.5 years of her life there. My husband is military and we are hoping to get stationed back there again if possible during his career. I am hoping that when we go there again I will be able to teach since I am working on my teaching degree and would love to teach and/or tutor at the school our daughter would be going to.

I am going to get going so I will leave off here, I hope everyone likes my blogs and follows it to see what else happens. To all those military personnel and their families and to those of you who are deployed, we wish you all the best wishes and safe travels to where ever you are heading.