Just a Fun Day

Well today was a great day, the sun was shining, the weather was warm. My daughter and I went for a walk to the community center today. They were having a small event today (from 11am – 3pm) for children that included arts and crafts, some entertainment (a magician and some jugglers) and some refreshments.

Now if you are a mother and have a 4 year old, then you know how short their attention span can be unless it’s something really interesting. Well when we got there, there was a lot going on with all the people around and all the other colorful decorations. They had small craft sections set up that the kids could do different crafts at such as making a turkey (by tracing your hand), little “wands” and other small crafts for young children.

My daughter couldn’t wait to get started with all the crafts, let alone play with all the other children. We when to each craft station and made the crafts. I know have 2 of everything (since mommy had to make some too). Also of the ideas where every simple and something anyone could do with their children for very little to even no extra money. They are great family fun activities and I plan to do a few of them when we have play dates with some of the other children and their mommies. Two crafts I like where the turkey and the colorful garland, since it’s close to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here is how you do both of them and what you will need.


What you need:

1 – Piece of constructions paper (white works best)

1 – Box of crayons

Step 1

Put your or your child’s hand flat against the paper and trace their hand with a crayon.

Step 2

Have them pick out some colors from the box of crayons and put a face on where the thumb was.

Step 3

Have them color the turkey and ret of the paper however they want to.

Step 4

Hang on the refrigerator or someplace else that everyone can see it and enjoy the decoration.

Next is the colorful garland and what you will need for it.

Colorful Garland

What you need:

1 – Glue stick

1 – Package of bright colorful construction paper

1 – Pair of child safe scissors

1 – Ruler

Step 1

Take a piece of construction paper and lay it like you would if you were going to write on it. Then take the ruler and place it on the paper (where the ruler runs the full length of the paper).

Step 2

Trace the ruler to make even with and length spaces till you can no longer make them on the paper. Repeat with as many pieces of paper as you want.

Step 3

Cut along the lines you just made till all you have left is the even strips.

Step 4

Take one strip and put glue on one end and then bend the paper till the other end can be attached to the glued end.

Step 5

Take another strip and slide it through the ring you just made and repeat Step 4. You will do this for all of the strips till you have no more strips left.

Step 6

Hang the colorful garland up around the house. Works well for holidays, birthdays or pretty much any occasion depending on the colors you use.

We have both of these crafts hanging up in the house now and my little girl says she can’t wait to do more stuff like this. I hope you enjoyed these ideas and you too can do them with your little one for more family fun memories.


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