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of this tubing on the surface of the human body, and that, on

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lock each other ; in others they are brought into close contact,

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great pain and labour, and doth proceed fometim.cs from the weak-

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it together to a thick Salve, then fpread that upon the fore, Morning

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if you perceive, then is his Greafe melted, and will turn to crudy Hu-

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frequently troubled with these swellings. They often occur in

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Refmay which we call Rofin, is hot and dry in the fecond Degree ; it

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For the Age, if it be a Colt, you may geld him at nine days old, or fifteen,

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Signs: The Horfe will heave and beat upon his Back, his Breath

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Ear-ache (Otalgia). — Ear-ache may proceed from abscess

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the course and distrilnition of the Su])erior Mesenteric Artery.

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perfeftion, but if he be any way difcouraged at firft, he will never per-

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bore, and anointing two Feathers therewith, thruft them up into the

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its presence is only known by the rapid pulsation, and pain,

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Clouded, Thick, or Dark-colored Urine. — Take the fol-

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cent, of ash, which consists of one-half sea-salt, one-tenth of

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anoint or rub them over with Sweet-Oil or Butter, and fo give them to

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nape of the neck ; the latter is, perhaps, the best mode oi depletion,

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the contrary parr, a fmooth, moilf, hollow, and well founding Hoof is a

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do fometimes proceed from hard beating in hard Ways, in the Summer^

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the Hoofs twice a Day. Other Farriers ufe to anoint his Hoofs with

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the damp raw Air will at fuch times endanger much his Health.

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caufing one to run him in his hand, at the length of the halter, mark

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rooms makes the graves of multitudes. The simple fact set

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heal him. Other Farriers clap to the Sore, Hogs-dung, or Ox-dung, or Henbane

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'C H A p. cm. of Fritllons and Baths, and of their feveral Vfes.

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Now for the temper of the bearing of your hand, you Oiall underhand,

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THE Crown Scab is a ftinking and filthy Scab, breeding round

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Cendon ; then having ftanched the Blood either with Swines-Dung,

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Oil, and two SpoonfuUs of Sugar-candy beaten to Powder, and as much

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next methods. In addition to this, there may be applied, every

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Shade, except they be very moift and apt to putrify ', they laft for the moft

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of evil Humours which refort downward, they are much deceived j for

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plies himfelf : Sir, I am forry to fee your Horfe in fo bad a Plight^ then

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ral warmth of the body is restored, and the spasms and difficulty

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Indian arrowroot boiled in milk, and broths occasionally should

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boil and lay them to cool ; you may alfo add Verdigreafe ; but before

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CHAP. XVllI. For a Cow that has newly Cahedj wanting Milk.

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bone, and the upper part of the Marrow-bone, and therefore if with

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Now for the general Cure of thefe general Fevers, you fliall under-^

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percussion will but make a dull, heavy sound. Then the

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the whole Body, abfolutely taking away from him all his Strength, iii-

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Turpentine, and fuch like ; and laftly, to dry up the Relicks with

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thQ gentlenefs that may be, and fuddenly clap his Tail to his Tuel, and

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full of Spirit and of good Nature, yet Fierce and Fiery.

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When a Horfe hath Water running from his Mouth, it is a lign of the

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rhubarb, 2 drams; carbonate of magnesia, 1 dram; tincture

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and is a Corrofive that eateth away dead fleOi. ' *

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lliall anoint it with Oil of Rofes warmed on a Chafing-dilh of Coals,

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keep to low diet, and avoid malt liquor or spirits. Should the

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a well-let Breaft and Shoulder :i if of Nuples^he is Hawks-nofed, and clear-

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rubbed over with a smooth piece of dry sulphate of copper.

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it up by tenting ic wich Flax, dipt in Turpentine and Hogs-greafe mol-

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digestible food, unripe fruits. Dampness, wet feet, and violent

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it together to a thick Salve, then fpread that upon the fore, Morning

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whetiier consumption be contagious has often been discussed,

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black Soap a pound, and feethe ic in a quart of ftrong Ale till it

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and the laudanum alternately for more than once at intervals of

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C H A p. LXXVII. Of the Lax^ or too much Scouring of Horfes.

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the Powder of unflackt Lime, continuing thus to do every Day once

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In order to prevent such effects, great cleanliness should be ob-