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the aforefaid Ointment, and thruft it into the Wound either with that

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His Ears be fit upright ^ and from his ^ofe a fiery FLann

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thick, or fomewhat more in the middle thereof where it is the thickeft,

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Moifture of the Body, leaves not fufficient whereby it may be digefted ^

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about, but wipe it clean away, or elfe wafh it away with warm Water •

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he has taken his Dofe, boil him three Quarts of Oats and give them to

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ftamp or ftrain Juniper Leaves or green Berries with Wine, and give it

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Two mefl certain and lately found out MedJcines, which will without all fail^cure

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and put it into the Hole, thrufting it down to the bottom with'a, Quill,

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only to kill the Rankerous and fharp Humour which brings the Sore unto

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the Skin and the Rim : And the Third, a Swelling in the fame Place by

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upper Eye-lid of the Horfe upwards, and fb draw up the upper Eye-lid,

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of colic, in general, are a painful

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tion. And therefore for your better Satisfadion, behold this Picture

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leaveth no more foals Teeth but one on each lide both above and below-

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There be other Farriers which ufe to give this Drink : Take of Milk

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When out-of-door exercise is impracticable, do not omit in-

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of the brain ; this is the case in apoplexy, disease of the heart,

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possible means to be avoided ; hence, when reaction sets in after

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Staggers. The Cure whereof is two-fold \ the firft, a Prevention or Pre-

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branous receptacle, situated on the concave side of the liver,

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like. And thus much of general Drenches, and their Ufes.

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cool by degrees •, the beft time to begin to Exercife is before the Sun rife,

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filthy Blood, ingendred either by rankneis of keeping, or elfe by too

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heal up the Wound ; and this Bathe never failed me in any Pradice.

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thirty drops; mix. Dose, one teaspoonful in brandy and water,

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has acted freely, " a tablespoonful ox brandy may be taken in

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both. The last is a smooth, soft, rather thick and pulpy mem*

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.as much of the oldeft and ftrongeft Urine that can be got, as will

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others, but all or any of them taken to excess are injurious to

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into fine Powder, of each of them four Drams : Then beating them

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pot with a flice, until the Quickiilver be fo wrought wirh the rtft, ^^

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the Fire, ftir it ftill until it be hard baked, fo as it may be beaten into

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up well dreffed and covered, fo by little and little ride him a day or

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Lees, an ounce of Cummin-Seeds, and a handful or more of

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cause total blindness. This may continue perhaps for a day or

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gar to the bowels. In addition to these, apply a warm poultice

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the Keeper be not much the more careful. The Signs hereof are, his

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bone, fuch a thick hard fubftance, that it will leave no place for the

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Wheat-bran, Salt, and Vinegar : You fhall alfo perfume his Head, and

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the hare or rabbit, nor in the Rodentia generally; they are

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third five ^ and withal, to pour a little Oil and Wine into his Noftils, is

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Ground, unlefs veiy (fony or very .wet Land; bur 'tis moft proper for a

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Sweet-Butter ', and being warmed again, take a Quart thereof, and give

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Ake fuch a quantity of unflack'd Lime as you (hall think fit, beat it

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ines together, the let her not come ner the Horfe after, till flie be hiit,

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Now after all thefe former recited Pradices, you fhall underftand,

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teth whatfoever is oppreffed with any cold Flegm, or hot cholerick fub-

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Lauri, Which we call Laurel, or Bays, are hot and dry, and they cleanfe

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of the infusion of cascarilla, morning and night. The following

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|F the Impofthume do proceed from any old Caufes as thofe which

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of well Leavened Bread flack baked, three ounces, of Nenin ten

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Provender be all of one fort, but every Meal it may be changed as thus :

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Children are, in many cases, most insufficiently protected

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v/ herein Mallows have been long boiled, to the quantity of a Quart, and

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wife advile by no menas to let Geldings Blood, becaufe the Lefs of their

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the Tops, leaves and flowers of Centaury, which they boil until a Qtiart

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doth turn to hifirmity. The Signs of both thefe kinds of Evils, or Ob-

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We meet with the indications of two, or even three, of them

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by great Travel, or by iharp and hot Meats and Drinks, or el fe by the

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lent againft any Cold, Poze, or other Obftruftions in tlie Head. Take

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and tongue, in a whisper. As the disorder advances, the pa-

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two stages of the disease, the urine being at first clear and with*

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CHAP. IV. Of the Garget^ Catarrh^ and Staggers in a Hog,

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