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meat and vegetables for dinner ; the beverage, water. For break-
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does not bring relief, a dose of salts, or sweet tincture of rhu-
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riers, the beft ineans to eatit awiy. is, To boil frelh Greafe and Ver-
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only a cup or two of tea, or a little thin gruel, and the chances
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ing than your lelf on your Horle-back by riding him gently till you come
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face of the body, the stools improving in color, and becoming
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wholefomeft and moft commodious for him to eat, and after having eaten
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harting the Bone ; then make a Plaifter of Diaculum, and lay it upon
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whence it comes that thisDifeale is more commonly called of our common
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to the Opinion of the ancient Farriers, is, if it be in the Summer-
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slightly moistened. Some persons apply strong acetic or other
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have mixed a little of the above acid with their molasses-beer.
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forms a continuation of that which lines the ureter and the
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which is the prefervation of Health, cannot chufe but give way to the
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be aiTvvaged ; iind this Practice will heal any great fwell'd Leg, if it
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perfe<^ly mixed together, then it is the inner fmall Guts ^ but if they
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of an hour or more, up to the Knees and Cambrels, but in any cafe
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great fwelling, but only the skin chafed off, then you fiiall wafli the
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all over therewith, holding a Pan of Coals, or a hot Bar of Iron near
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them, have refufed theiV'irie, (aying^ ic was a thorough Splent, and
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Morning fafling, and then ride him half an hour after it, and let him
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either of a Fever, rotten Lungs, heat in the Stomach, heat in the Liver^
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Dog that infeOeth, and it will make the Perlbn bitten go Mad -, and
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be had to that of his Neck ; for if he be fleck, clofe, bright airj fliining,
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Salt only, or wafti it with Salt and Vinegar 'till it be wliole. Others
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hundred or more Hiinting-Horfes riding and running this way or that way
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potu, is a disease of the brain, usually caused by an abuse of
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Straw, or Chaff ^ then let him have cold Water the fpace of nine Days.
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wiping them very dry^ lay them up till you have next Occafion to ule
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be left out, for it is a violent purger, and may kill the Foal in the Mare's
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into many Pieces, bruife it, boil it with Oatmeal, Penny-royal, 'a little
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anointing it within even unco the bottom ; then ftop the Mouth of the Wound
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Cruft away, or as fome call it, chip them, after which, dry a Quart of
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Barber's Itch. — It is communicated by an unclean razor
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Inflammation hath all its Blood converted into Choler, and fo over-
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to lift up his Foot ; then cut the Cord afunder, and put a little Salt in-
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beaten with feven or eight Spoonfuls of Aqua-Vita to drink, and then
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which are upon his Temples until of themfelves they fall away ^ which
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to do it •, and being brought into the Stable, after rubbing down, give
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breathing, and consumes its blood purifying qualities every
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of the orbits; and in the hollows beneath them lie, sheltered
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i^rils, and a fqueezing or drawing in of his Nofe when he breatheth ;
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of his natural Stength. The iign are only the fheding of his Seed,
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Hog's-greafe made luke-warm, renewing it every Day once until it be
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the other two main great^Veins, yet of no Efficacy or Force, but fuch as
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would be of no use; hence, in the carnivora wc-find this action
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take a vomit, as follows : Flour of mustard, one ounce ; warm
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may sit in a hip bath once or twice daily; strict rest in tlie
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round about with foft Wifps very clofe, efpecially about the Stomach,
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the Thigh, and underneath the fame; then under the f^id Vein there
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times pure blood is passed, at other times pure matter, and it
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which if it works effeftually, and keeps the Horfes Body Soluble, then to
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and Wine-Vinegar, and fo making a Plaifter thereof, to lay it to the
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on the Fire ; that done, dip good ftore of Flax therein, and fo flop
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Soap, two ounces of unflack'd Lime, and as much Lye, or ftrong
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attheNofep. ijf. Of Blood Rifts p. 1^6. The G:g^s ibid. 2he Lawpas p.
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fech, take a good handful of Lint, or fine Hurds, and hold it over the
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twelve Spoonfuls of that Water which is called Doftor Stevens's Water,
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to be open'd with a Cord fo wide, that you may eafily fee every Part
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mixture 6 drams of sulphate of magnesia. Paint the swollen
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teen Eggs, and give the Horfe the firft Day three, the fecond Day five,
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other good plan is to fill bladders with a decoction of madders
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and depression of the vital powers, accompanied by spasm and
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appears to occasion the disease, the patient is to be restricted
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Cord, wrap it about that joint, and pull it both with your own firength
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feth and ripenetb, and is good for all old Difeafes 5 it aJfo drieth, draweib,
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bake and dry up the little which it containeth : For it is a certain Rule,
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Grafs, or keep him in the Stable after the ancient Cuftom.
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two Mornings , and before the third ihe will have caft her Foal. Otliers
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Tight dresses should be avoided ; and no exciteuxcnt be allowed.
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and of Turpentine, of each a like Quantity well wrought together, and
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them take Quickfilver, firft kill it with falling Spittle and Sallet-Oil^
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you with a ftout Countenance, it is .a Token of good Stomach m him •,
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Asthma. — This is a disease of the lungs, whose main char-
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you fliall take the Juice of Purflane, Lettice, and Night- (hade, of
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fee his Urine, from which Urine you fhall reap thefe Knowledges.
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great cleanliness, and regular application of the prescribed
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than behind i if an hinder Leg, then a little higher behind than before, fo
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tween his Thighs, and all others private Places whatfoever: After which,
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carbonate of potash, fifteen grains; tincture of rhubarb, one
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