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Pail-cf Water, which, when the Horfe ihrinkefh from her, pour upon

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such as barley-water, weak tea, or weak wine and water. Ap-

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Man of the Benefit and ufe of the reft ; I think it not amifs before I

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a courfe Cloath in a clean Vellel : Then take a quarter ot a Peck of clean

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the features shrunk, and the wdiole body covered with a cold

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them ; nor are black ones to be allowed of, unlefs in time of NecefTity,

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of MalnTey a quart, and put thereinto a little Cinnamon, Mace and

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term Fades Hippocratica, because it has been vividly pictured

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uppermost and smallest part of which is called tho epiglottis,

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and, in this condition of things, if from any cause there is more

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through. To that you may, as it were, raife it from the Hefh ; that

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Obferve to win your "Horfe by Patience and Gentleneis, and never be

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administered twice or thrice daily, Avitli such nourishing diet as

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with Plantane and frelh Greafe boiled together, and it will perfeft their

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AUnat'jn or Martia'onj is a hoc unguent againlt all cold Humours ; it

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his Bed may be always foft, add the old with his Dung and Stale caft out

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as jt were, panting hot, fas we may daily fee unskilful Horie-men do at

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Water, or old Urine, anoint it once or twice a Day with it till it be

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Licoras, Annifeeds, Sugar-candy and Brimftone, all equally mixed toge-

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Treatment. — Inflammation of the gum generally goes on to

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comparatively slight at the commencement, and progressively

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ifcond drefling. There be others which will ftop the Knots with the

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that -5 ou do not Rowl him too ftrait, for that is mcft hurtful. Irftiall

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at Mouth they are near Death. For cure of this Difeafe, it is thought good

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boiled a q;j.^ner of an Hour, take the Tail or Mane out of the Pot, and

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,^der.of unQackt Lime, or of Burnt Allom, which will heal better than

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of this yjlant through a pi[)e, and also of stramonium, is some-

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it nine Times in fair Water, then put thereunto the Yolk of an Eg^

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fop and as much Southern-wort, and boil them -.veil in Oil and Wine

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.Plaifter, and wich a Cloth lay it to the Sore, renewing it once every

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and Ale to drink ^ then let him rife, and fet him up warm ^ feeding him

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and'Rue, with Beer or Ale, and to let him Blood in the Noftrils. To

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of quick Sulphur, and four Scruples of Myrrh n^ade into powder, and

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aneurism ; nor fomentations and other hot applications. When

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received, yet the Pearl, which is a little round, thick, white fpot like .1.

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travelling, the fpace of one Month, and that will bring his Shoulder to

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about, the Heart : And the f:gns thereof are want of Reft, ar-d falling

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diate measures to be adopted when a fit of apoplexy comes on

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Tding to this Figure, anti heating it red hot, burn out all that fu-

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flopping of his Head, I would only give him four or five Mornings toge-

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cured, will keep the Member big, as if it were ftill fwelled. Now

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leaves are very good. If the pain is verv severe, use stramo-

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low, and his Tongue will hang out of his Mouth, his Head and Eyes

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rous and hurtful to them ^ for it is not requifite they ihould eat any thing

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family use they would be altogether objectionable. With re-

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thy of Note than the Urine •, you ihall firft underftand, that if his

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cold Water, hath during that time of trembling, a very certain tit of

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again : And this Pra<5fcice in two or three Months will take away any

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boiling water, 1^ pints. Mix. Dose, a tablespoonful in a wine-

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at the rectum in passing through, absorbents with opium must

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ihall give him half an Ounce of Diapente in a Pint of Sack, and it will