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leaft i and then if the Seafbn be fit, put him to Grafs. This Cure is

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of Dover's powder and one of calomel Avill form a sufficient

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mended, but this can only be adopted or of service Avhen the

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both internally and externally. Tlie form of mixture already

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the principal source of animal heat ; from it, also, the secretive

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following pills : Sulphate of quinine, two drams ; extract of gen-

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Treatment. — This, of course, must vary considerably in ac-

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other Medicines, which alTuredly are all good in their kinds, and you

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greafe molren together, renewing it every day once, until it be per^

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ihoulders, even unto the Body^ which is moft dangerous and very

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p. 40. Of the Cold, or Poz.e in the Head, p. 42. How certainly to take aw.ty

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all Moderation, and judicious Difcretion, to apply it in fit time and place,

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will make him found. Yet fome hold, if you do with a hot Drawing-

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Oil, and give it him to drink luke-warm, tlien with a Quill blow Eufor-

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eating of green Corn ibid, ^lide loft in Cattle ibid. Jforms in Cattle p. 4.

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In flatulent colic the legs should be bathed in warm water,

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either of a Barley-corn, or of a Pepper-corn, and his CharacHier is G or

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it becomes the great regulator of the heat of the body. For

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ioint ftick out more than any other joint, by the bignefs of a hazel Nut,

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principal protection. In the trunk, they are spread out to en-

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of certain Herbs and Simples boiled together inVv'ater, until the third

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Laxativenefs, a Loofnefs of the Body, is a fign of a hot Liver.^

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the Plow thro' them, once or twice that Summer, to deftroy Weeds and

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are most likely to be affected by it, and sometimes it has made

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Matter, and make it fo far within as is pofiible ; and as it beginneth to

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thiftle is fod in^ then be purged and bathed, and laftly let Blood. But

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in the form of a thin pellicle, forming its outer covering. Around

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k into the HoiTe's Ears, and it will ftay the Inflammation ; but if it be

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in the infide of his upper Tufhes will be no holes at all to be felt with

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modification by confluence, or joining together, of the human

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simply one of protection ; the cornea is a medium for the

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then flit a hole downward in his Skin, an Inch beneath the Hip-bone,

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take a pound of black Soap^ a pottle of keen Muftardj four penny-

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tinue the Horfe's health, and his daily Service, are very many, as name-

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to lay wet Hay unto it, for that either will drive it away, or bring it

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Use no hot baths except by medical advice, and cold only

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kill it with your fafting fpittle, or Sallet-Oil, and mix it with all the

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reaction does take place, the pulse gradually returns, the natu-

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Copsras, they are hot and dry, but the while is much the ftronger: they

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a substitute for, stimulants ; chop some lean beef into small

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Pan s bottom, mixt with the inner Pills of Elder, are alfo good for the

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they will not eat any Meat till the time they have run the Race, unlefs it