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Nut, and as much of green Copperas, and Bake them both togetlier upon
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fplints to ftay the skin, that it may fhrink neither upwards nor down-
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Farriers) it is thus \ Firft, if it be not broken, ripen it with a Plaifter of
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long continued neglect, or the absence of aperients, or other
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as infallible remedies. It has been calculated that the propor-
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SECTION OF A KIDNEY. ^ ccntral cavity— thc pelvis, or, as
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as it depends upon causes, which are remedial or otherwise. It
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ter may eafily run forth, if it be i , fuch a place as you may do it with-
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ing does not come spontaneously to remove it, the former should
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H there happen any fwelling or Heat over the Joints in general, then it
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anoint him with frcfli Greafe, and let him go, but cut them fo, that
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phate of copper, or nitrate of silver, has been found very bene-
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colorations may remove them without using cosmetics (which
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render the air impure It is the nature of still water to be-
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Item, When you let Blood, you muft take but the fourth part from a
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truly purulent, but to a large extent mucous. If lumpy, there
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little Worm in manner, as it were, the Head of a Pifmii-e, which grow-
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^. then Trot the Horfe up and down an hour or more, and if he cannot
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Within the Hour following give him his Quantity of Oats as before,
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Conn(!Ctloiis ( /') with the spinal nerves of the neck. A nervo (y) to a portion of tho muscle
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>iiot the Horfe come to any wet> nor travel untill he be perfedly
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languor, pains in the head, back, and limbs ; chillings or sliiver-
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will do full as well. Make the Pafte with the Coarfeft Corn ground.
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will here, before I do proceed any further, let you down certain gene-
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yet it is not much too deep) you fhall take a good quantity of Black-
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of your Occafions are to be preferred before the Value of your Horle,
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is continual Goldnef-5, ftarting up of his Hair, and much Feeblenefs and
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Allom one Ounce; mix thcfe well tcgeiher, and waih the Canker
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your hands, and when you walk down any Hill, by no Means drive your
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put in pins, nor ufe any psckthred, but only will flit
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up and down over it, a hot broad Bar of Iron, and then touch him
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the hot with fuch as cleanle and cool. Some ufe to take a pretty Quan-
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indeed before the uvula increases so much as to render this neces-
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Eye either with the White of an Egg, or with the juice of Selladine. O-
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bone, fuch a thick hard fubftance, that it will leave no place for the
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itself, although the longer it is delayed the less chance is there
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Salt *. But if that will not prevail, then prick all the outward Skin of
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nnto the Cods ; and the Cure is, To cover all the Cods over with a
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touch him gently with your Switch or Whip to make him llretch, the
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round about the fwelling with a Fleim, Knife, or Launcet, yetnottoo
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a well-let Breaft and Shoulder :i if of Nuples^he is Hawks-nofed, and clear-
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flit of an inch long, with a fliarp Knife, upon both fides, an inch under
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bout your Fiiiger, to hold it conflantly, and then with a very fliarp Knife,
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and ftir it; when it waxeth red, add Verdigreafe and Vitriol, of
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tent on the cause. If there is an accumulation of hardened wax,
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inwards and cause great irritation of the bhlls. Collodion
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then lay that hot to the fore twice a Day, for four Days together • then
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mere scratch of a cat; if so, the probability is that the crea-
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lay open the Secrets moft neceffary to be obferved by all, according to
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continued the fpace of fifteen Days, and then the Horfe will be
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feor his Ears and take out the Wool, and in a ftiorc time he will chear up
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nate in the slightest puncture or scratch of the skin, as also from
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recumbent position should be enjoyed; and for the purpose ot
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is the longest and largest in the body. The leg consists of
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to take place, erysipelas should be carefully guarded against, as
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boil and lay them to cool ; you may alfo add Verdigreafe ; but before
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(for it is the worft of ^11 the Evils of the Lungs, which are before fpo-
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Pail-cf Water, which, when the Horfe ihrinkefh from her, pour upon
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