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niack, and as much Roch- Allom, and boil them together until they be

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aware of the cause, and takes its measures accordingly. Deli-

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If you are bitten by a mad Dog, it's the venomous Spittle of the mad

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Have ever near your Stable fome clofe plain Green, that your Horfe

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means whereof the Sand and Dirt remaining in the Hair, fretteth the

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except the Horfe be in great Luft, and full of Fleih, which if he be,

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terest or amusement, when death puts a period to his existence.

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morbific influence has spread far towards a vital part.

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and lungs by atmospheric impurities; irritation of the stomach,

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and if it be in fuch a Place as the Tent cannot conveniently be kept in

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triment, doth in time confume. The figns of this Difeafe is a loathing

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time he may not ftir out of his Place, but only to lie down ; and every

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for all. Others ufe to take a Pint of White- Wine or Ale, and m'ix it

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and join, forming, where they emerge from the gland, the he-

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it warm upon the fore, renewing it every day once until the fwelling

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want of warmth in the external Parts, or fome Ague hovering about iiim

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fame Jelly may ilTae downward out of the Hole^ and having thruft

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pipe made for the purpofe, and fixed to the largeft Bladder you can get ^

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drafts over tlio stomach, in which are a few drops of laudanum;

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Running or Rotten Frujh p. 240. A certain Cure for the running and rotten Frufi

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of others, whofe Loves have been fo great to their Mafters, that when

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like untoa Mallander, and itproceedeth from the felf likeCaufes^ and

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ance of time becometh fo hard as a Bone, and therefore is called the

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CHAP. CL A mofi certain and approved Cure for the Scratches.

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Opinion of the old Farriers, firfh wafli it well with White- Wine, or

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of a scrofulous habit. It prevails in cold moist climates, and

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<8^Cl5 Now for mine own part, I have ever found this Pra¬ę5tice

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t3r Others ufe firft to take up the Shackle-Veins on both fides, then

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iland upright ; then on that fide to which it falleth, with an hot Iron

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flat Hoot that is light and full of Pores or Holes, is a fign of his

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the Wars, his daily Service is fufficientlv known, being a Beaft of a mag-

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hardly Tire : Yet after your Journey is ended, be fure to give your Horfe

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Back Sinew ef the Fore- Leg , fomewhat above the Pafiern joint,

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senna, four ounces ; peppermint Avater, four oiuices. Dose, two

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fully recovers from the efi'ects of the attack. The duration of

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of four Days, which is done chiefly to kill the heat of the Fire : Then

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down and affects the deeply-seated tissues, there is great cause

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your Hand as you fit in the Saddle, then ride the Horfe forward, and when

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lity his (ods, and once a day waflihis Cods with cold Water.

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his head towards the right fide, then to draw him, as is aforefaid^

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or a Pigeon, and cleaving it in the midft, clap it hot to the Wound, and then

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Now if you intend to fmk down the Swelling of a Fiftula, firft: of

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solution caused by the flow of tears acting on the sulphate.

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Place wi^h Salt, well ; then the next Day wafli all the fore Places with

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- your Horfe thereon, let him run out the full Courfe, and never beyond the

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of the stomach and the navel. The complaint may be caused

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degrees, as thus: The Corrofivesare weaker than the Putrefaftives, and the

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the cheek, which spreads and opens into a shallow ulcer on the

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2d. Continued waste of the old particles of the t)ody,

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as infallible remedies. It has been calculated that the propor-

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the body upon the bed or mattress frequently produces in in-

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morning, and in the interval small doses of Dover's powder and

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neither'^about the Whites of his Eyes, nor the infides of his Lips ihall you

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seen in persons of indolent life or sedentary habits. Indi-

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strain and pressure, to which they are occasionally

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two fpoonfuls of Ulack Soap^ and fo snuch Allom ; beat all thefe in a^

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that you have wafned the Sore with the ftrong Water aforefaid, 'cover

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%lood in the Neck-vein, and then give him this Drink : Take of Wine

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ter, and the corn, after the feet have been soaked in Avarm