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Wine or Ale, or that it be any other liquid ftuff. Now for Pills, they

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therewith, and alfo round about the infide of the Shoulder ; and with-

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Hoof, and you ftiall commonly fee by the cut the Skin hang over the

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w^Q (and think it the beft of all other Medicines^ to take the Guts of a

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Quarts of Beer, the Italeft you can get, and a flice of Houfhold Bread,

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Sorance will ftink much. The Cure is, according to the Opinion of

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come forth, and tack on a whole fliooe, and flop all the Foot within

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biting with a mad Dog 272. Hurts dene by the Tusks of a Boar ibid. To heal

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and half a pint of Sallet-Oil j and ufe this ever after your Horfe's Tra-

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Corrofive^ then lay the Plaifter of Pitch, Rozen, Turpentine and

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the testicle in most cases, leaves hard swelling on the back of

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Night, that the Windows be ihut ^ fuffer the Horle to drink but a little at

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guor and debility, and slowness of motion; frequent stretching

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Whites of two Eggs, and beat it till it come to an Oil, then put to it two

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ftrain, or ftripe, or ft'veliifig, which cometh by any fuch like nnifchance.

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alfo fufficiently, then knit up the Vein beneath the flit with a fure knot,

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iiick in all manner of Filth, and to dilate and fpread the fame over the

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Pvrri, which ue call Leeks, Scallions or, Onion, are hot and and dry.,

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and one ©unce of white Wax ; when all thefe are well mixt together,

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into the constitution of man, and were supposed to temper each

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Boot;, that his Hoof may grow as well hard as tough.

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warm, then give her two fpoontuls of the Powder of Diapente well brew-

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Between the interior and exterior wall of the frontal or fore-

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diforderly Diet : For queftionlefs from thefe two, and none other Heads,

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the dry Scab firft, and leave no Hair growing within the Sore. Other

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up and down a dozen turns, which done, you may after travel him

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gentle Salve, and therewith anoint the Horfe's Eye Morning, Noon, and

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If the Temple of a Horfeh Head be very hollow, it is a fign either of

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and Inferior articular processes, tho first looking upward

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it is confumed : This way is counted beft, for it is performed without

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Forty Shillings, to warrant his Life; The Gentleman confents, rather than

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Greafe, mixed together, till the Quickhlver be killed j and in two or three

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the former with cold water ; holding to the nostrils from time

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Corn ground, and Bran, with a competent even mixture ; but I have left

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in Horfe's legs or heels, whether they come by means of evil Hu-

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Powder, and mixed in a Veffel of Milk and Water, is very proper to be

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the anodyne must be administered in a clyster, of about forty

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be had to that of his Neck ; for if he be fleck, clofe, bright airj fliining,

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TAKE of Milk two Gallons, and warming it on the Fire, put there-

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warm bath, and while there bleed from the arm. Let not less

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Colofoniaj which we commonly call Earth-pitch, or Greek-pitch, is hot

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that Sinew with the Toe of his hinder Foot, and thereby caufeth the

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and if it be in fuch a Place as the Tent cannot conveniently be kept in

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T»H E S E Obfervations now following, are gathered from the moft

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lowing may be taken: Bay berries, 6 drams; grains of paradise,

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parts cf the Body, yet not break, but as it were move betwixt the

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Hories fubjc^l to *-h»s Pelliletit Fever, which is a moil Contagious and

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Pitch over it, not removing it until it fall oflf by it felf ; or elfe after

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Then having walked him gently to the Place defigned for Starting,you

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thing to be obferved is his Ears,for if they be thick, fiilf and taper from

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Day once until that break, keeping the fore place as warm as may be;

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Stable, with good ftore of Litter ^ then fold about his Body a thick Blan-

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fpent three Days, give him another, the like Quantity of Honey and

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Grcafe and Bran boiled together, as hot as is poffible ; and do this

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hard, and very fore ; which hardnefs is the principal Sign that they

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Greafe and Bran boiled together, fo hot as may be, and alfo cover all

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day for this meal is one or two o'clock. The food should be

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thers ufe to make him Bread of Pine-Tree-Nuts and Wine mingled toge-

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Coffin, and let your Nail head enter into the fhooe, efpecially on

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