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fold of that membrane, which is named Frasnum Linguj\>, is
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suited than for those whose labor is chiefly muscular.
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Ounces powder'd ; bathe the Dog with it warm. Probati
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he hath been either heated on his Foot by labour, or foundred,
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the lower jaAV, and is surrounded by the salivary glands, Avhich
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in his Noftrils, and let his Meat be Grafs or Hay fprinkled with Water,
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Symptoms. — It mostly is about the glands or glandular
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two or three Hours at the leaft, to fettle his Joints^ for the fpace of
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lie in fteep the fptice of an Hour or two •, then ftrain it hard through a
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as eafily known by outward figns, as any Difeale whatfoever ^ as namely,
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lefufe to eat them, you may mingle them with a little fine Bran •, then
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of the neck, blisters, a seton or an issue, with the administration
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and Rofiu, and of Maftick a like Quantity, melt them together : then
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Bdellium, Black- Pepper, Bay-Berries, the Marrow of a Stagg, of
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teen Days; and if you fee that the Lime do not mortifie the rank Flefii
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performed but with extream Pain. There be other Farriers, and to their
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and feme Farriers, alfo befides this Medicine, will with a hot Iron draw
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The certaineft Cure thereof, is this. Take of Mallows, Sage and
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ipace of three Days; and prefently when he is up, burn all the point
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Dysentery. — A disease accompanied l)y frequent and
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to retch, and an irritating and annoying cough. When things
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That firft as touching the general Pains in a Hoffe's Teeth which do
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them. In the Winter feafon inftal them, rather than let them run abroad
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the Horfe hath had fome great Surfeit, either by Over-riding or by ill
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der, for it will fat fuddenly. Others, and efpecially the Italians^ \yi]X<
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Farriers, firft to cut away all the dead or proud flefh even to the Bone,
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boil till reduced one quarter, then add alum, one scruple. Ap-
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of Verdigreafe one ounce beaten into Powder, and boil them together
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the only fubftance of this Difeafe. Other Farriers ufe to keep the Hor(e
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that by over-hafty or fudden running of a Horfe (or other) prefently
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red over, or elfe that the Number (if it be in a Member) be utterly
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The Quantity of Provender which you Jhall give your Horfe at one
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ly underftand, that the firft and eafiefl: are thele, either to take twenty
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the Neck and Flanks, and ill favoured to look on, and rubbing,
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bread mixed with oil. In parts where the poultice is difficult
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Mare, that then withont Contradiftion, there is no fuch Dileafe as the
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.Morning ^ he being well dreifedybring him forth and put his Saddle upon
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TH E only Diieafe incident to the Womb of a Mare, (as far forth
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or Fretting in the Belly, p. 8(5. Of the Coflivenefs, or Belly-bound, ibid. Of
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part of Aloes and two of Brimftone, and boil it a little; then being
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drawn to one side, the eyes are set and staring, or roll wildly
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the Kavel-place of his Back, and there let it lie thirty Hours, ufmg thus