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Fiefh, or no ; and if you find that it doth, then wich another Inllrument for the

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Ridge-Bone of his Back : Itdriethup the Entrails, torments the Body,

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Ginger is hot, and is excellent to preferve heat in the inward parts.

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the proposed residence; for not only may the physical comfort

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Teeth, when either by Corruption of Blood, or fome other flatufal

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As we have above stated, when it Is considered that the

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point, or external commencement ot the ducts, which terminate at the larhrymal sac, the

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cond Degree, and dry in the firft ; It provokes Urine.

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jections consisting of starch, or mutton broth, and tincture of

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cannot be shortened, tiie great object will be to conduct the

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never an idiopathic disease, but is consequent on some previous

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ulceration taken place, matter is secreted, which falls down into

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of an uneven piece of yellow cartilage, covered with integu-


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fter of Soap and Salt-water. Others ule to give him five Drams of

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or lictle Bi'bbles on his Back, or doth not digeft his Meat well, it is a figu

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place, leaving no part of the Member uncovered ,• then heating a Bar

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ger, and at the leaft fix Inches in length, which we call by the fmiple

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The Mornirg you are to Run., make him a Vifit before it is well light

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vailed as an epidemic in 1818, though it doubtless has existed

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the which you rauft chule, according as you defign to put In"m to, either

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the cause of cramo is constitutional, the best preventives are

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miniftred unto the Horfe's Body, you muft draw out the Pipe with all

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Treatment. — Before we proceed to give the remedies appli-

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Foalirig, ibid. Of Adaklng a Mare cafl her Foal, p* 102. Of the Drinking

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FO R a Horie to be Lave-Ear'd, is as foul a Dilgrace and as miicli

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or five Days, in which Time you muft prepare a good Quantity of

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the stomach. In the ^vorst cases, the pulse is small, the face pale,

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th-e fire, then having cleanfed the fore either with a Cloth or a wifp-^

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Clinical Thermometer. Sure Indicator of Serious Illness, 617

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every six hours. Those who have once suffered from inflamma-

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and it will ripen, break and heal it ; but if you would not have the

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fuck out the Corruption^ and this you fhall renew once a day until the

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since this is just the condition in which cold affusion is useful,

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fide-Iong, and not follow fo well with that Leg as with the other, nei-

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the infideof the Horfe's Leg, or by cramping him in the Fetlock with a

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Number, Quantity, or fight of the Member evil affefted and difealed : Or

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rently. If you intend to let the Horle Blood in the Breaft-Vein, or Plat-

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or more, on an Acre^ after feven If ears fow it vci-h Corn, till it be out of

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rated with the Oilj then anoint all the fore places there with^ after you

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then the fore foot will be ever the lelTcr; and you fhall alfo under-

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Water, and then take Bread and Bayberries, and temper them togedier

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waili them once in two or three Days or have frefti ones to put on.

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Ounces, of Oyl de Bay as much, Opoponax two Ounces, of Deer's Suit,

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supplied partly by fuel and partly by clothing. Exercise warms,

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begins to enlarge, shoots out roots ; the color of the skin begins

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tom ; and do thus once a day till the Wound be whole. If you defire

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Mare, that then withont Contradiftion, there is no fuch Dileafe as the

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tablcspoonfuls twice or thrice a day. Or the following: Com-

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ded with all your ftrength in a Trough, or fome fuch like thing for that

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Goat's Milk, and with it anoint the place, or elfe Oil wherein a Moldy-

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Ris lilyrica beaten and lifted, mingled with Pepper, Honey, Currans,

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Difeafe you ihall underftand cometh not fuddenly, but grows out of long

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Consumption. — Phthisis, or consumption, is a disease which,

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Root, and Leaves, and Fruit of Briony, which being burnt to Aihes,

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do ever follow one the other, and the lefTer hath no fooner got pre-emi-

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him his Portion of Oats, but no Hay, for that is not convenient before a

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bunch of Penny-royal, and tie it to the Mouth of your Bit or Snaffle, you

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