Chest Guidelines Coumadin Dosing

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from a Yearling Foal : Alio in letting Blood, you muft carefully regard
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Chap. XLVI. u4 ntofi Rare and Certain approved Medicine^ to Cure any
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The evacuations, however, should not be stopped till the
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Ounce of Myrrh, an Ounce of Frankincenfe, and biewing them well
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rance, are long, fcabby, and dry Chops or Rifts, growing right
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fpeak of particular Difeafes of the Hoofs, to fliew you fome general
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per to his Shoulders, not thick, but rather broad; and oblerve that
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it bore was supposed to have the power of curing it with a
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streaky bacon. After a short rest, exercise should then be taken
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that he will not go forward a focr, but ftandeth fiock ftill, you fhall then
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noon. Now for the retaining or holding of the Clifter in the Horfe's
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read of Bucephalus, the Horfe of Alexander the Great, that altho' he was
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mediately ftrow upon it the Powder of burnt Oyfter-fliell, continuing
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him again with waflied Turpentine, mingled with the Yolks of three
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kt it fo remain a Day and a Night, and it will take away all the-
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white Mercury, of each a little quantity, but of Mercury rather the
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and be fure Fold them before the Dew talis, and Fold them on dry
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sounds well understood by the practised ear, applied closely
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they made the stomach do twice the work for half the value.
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an'd when you have occafion to ufe them, take one and anoint it with
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k, oi)tio thalamus; m, frontal sinus; p, hard palate; g, the
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Chap. CVI. A mofi Famous Recei-pt, which is both a jinguUr Drench an A
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generally confined to the extremities, and especially the fingers
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connected together by ligaments, moved by numerous muscles,
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day, at the leaft, thruft out^ the Matter ^ this Cure is likewife to bs
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Dimnefsof Sight, often flaring, and tiaving a blue Skin over his Sight j reft-
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as strong excitement of the mind. Most antispasmodic med-
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but a confuiion of all together, but perfefts all things, lb in time you may
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Pieces of ice dissolved in the mouth are comforting.
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troublesome cough, oppression at the chest, and symptoms of flat-
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the air be freely admitted ; apply cold Avot cloths to the head
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well protected by flannels next the skin. For coughs which
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Bean-Flower, one ounce of Fenugreek, mix them with a Pint of old
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TAke of Wormwood, Sage^ Rofemary, and the bark of an Elm, or of a
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ing the Sore with your left Hand, pulling it fomewhat from the Sinews,
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ease. It is a thickening of the internal lining of the heart,
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what foods should you avoid when taking coumadin
ourxes, of Turpentine fix ounces, and of Hogs-gre.'fe two pounds-, boil
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Horfe whatfoever ^ yet I will wiih all Farriers not to be too bufie with
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mingled together^ then bting lukewarm, daub all the burningtherewith
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Although the teeth form so prominent and distinguishing a
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to the Opinion of the ancient Farriers, is, if it be in the Summer-
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recommended, should be employed, such as catechu, kino, alum,
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(or as near as you can get it) upon the Charge, ' and every other day
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as passed, the body linen and sheets frequently changed, and
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for any prick on the Horfe's Foot, ufe after they have laid open the
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in numbers according to the age and strength of the patient,
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this arrangement may be seen by Fig. 81, in which B "represents
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back, and ride him a while roundly up and down a Road ; then alight
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each lialf a Pint, of Honey a Pint, of Hog's-greale otherwife called Bar-
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fure of his eating Ibme of the beft aad fineft Bread, anu fome whole
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system : the formation of a speck on the eye, or of a film over the
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cutting it in flices, fteep it in Muskadine, .and compel liim to fwallow
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over with that after they have been wetted, and wiped as dry as
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%3^ Others ufe to take Chalk and White Lead mingled other, or
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: You iliall likewife obferve, if your Horfe's Sicknels be a Fever,'to which
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Bathe him every Day once for three or four days till the burning be
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beat it to Powder, and mix -it with a little White-wine, then after it hath
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eaten and enjoyed, but that is because other things arc taken
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air and exercise. Let the exercise be gentle, so as not to cause