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very hot^ or elfe they take the Roots of Nettles, and Hemlock with
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der, and fo remaineth ftill behind. And this kind of pricking is the
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Hair, fcrape, or as it were curry away all the white foam, fweat, and
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But if it be to take away Infirmity, as Glanders, &c. then ufe it at leafl
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him^ if you find that ne is dry of his Body, and giveth no outward fign
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Bone be perilbed. Others of the ancient Farriers ufe, when they fee
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Wax, melt them in a pewter VelTel, and l^ir them well together, and
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as through the galling, pinching and wringing (f feme naughty b«d-
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apply it to the Spaven, renewing it Morning and Evening till it bring
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Bdellium, Black- Pepper, Bay-Berries, the Marrow of a Stagg, of
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bone alfo ; it is very good for the abating of the Wind-Gall, and for
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of thefe Inflammations, fome Farriers ufe to take a Qiiart of Ale, an
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and therewith anoint all the Sore Places , and this muft be done when
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sometimes of a dark brown, accompanied by a very fetid
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Treatment. — Rinse the mouth out two or three times a day
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cident doth torment the Heart. Kow for the hold which they take of
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live to eat, as too many seem to do. More than half the inhabi-
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after exposure to cold. Most usually the lining membrane of
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Swelling ; the infide whereof is fometin-ies hard like a griftle
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ized rhubarb, 2 scruples; bicarbonate of potassa, 1 scruple;
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Debility. — General debility is a falling oflF from the usual
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the bleeding has commenced, the strength must be sustained
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Remedy. There be otJier Farriers, which for this Difeafe take the guts
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fhall then, for the Cure thereof, firlt take a ftrong double Canvas, which
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hole of the Ulcer, fo that you may fee into the hollownefs; then cut
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any inward Sicknefs, efpecially the Liver. To Bathe a Horfe in Salt-
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Difeale, or is exceeding Slow, as alfo if he has a Rheum or Dropping
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Sore, renewing it once a Day, till the Ulcer be cured.
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at Mouth they are near Death. For cure of this Difeafe, it is thought good
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Country Inn, their firit walk is into the Stable, where taking a view of
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Now for the Cure of Wolfs-Teeth, or the Jaw Teeth (according
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Leg; whence it hnrh come to pafs, that many foolifli i-arriers being
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Bark which isgreen_, and look that it lye crofs the Cut ; for fo it will
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ocher Butter) and mix and incorporate rhem together ; and then fpread
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fo as the hole of the Rowel may anfwer juft with the hole that is made in
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but with little or no surrounding inflammation ; they now be-
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both internally and externally. Tlie form of mixture already
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Shoces, efpecially in the Summer Seafon, when a Horfe travelleth
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are of a dark color. It is, then, to the presence or absence of
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more or less of fever and anxiety, and a pe r sound of the
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infomuch that the holes being once clofed, and clofe fhut up, the place is
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fupporting of a great Burden beyond the Horfe's ability, or by fome Blow
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bind, cleanfe, and comfort all the inward Parts, and are the only principal
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ium tremens. Sometimes, in the latter stage of an incurable
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the fpace of an Hour^ then knead it again, and after you have lb done,
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force exerted that several attendants are required to keep the
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Farriers, you fhall firft wafh the Wound well with White- Wine warmed,
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squills, 2 drams; mucilage of acacia, 1 ounce- water, 4 ounces.
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Let the patient have perfect rest and quietness, in a well-
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Treatment. — The best remedy is a little red precipitate
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Cawkins, and your Nails to have fpecial good heads.
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goes to anoint the hairs and the surface of the skin. Hence it
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often difficult to heal, especially in weakly and ill-conditioned
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hours ; sago, 1| hours to two hours ; milk, 2 hours ; cabbage,
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Weapons, and Bruifes with blunt Weapons: Notwithftanding, if by
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two or thrcas days ; and at the three days end, take away the Plaifter,
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ward : Thole are faid to be outward, which proceed of outward Caufes,
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