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Jelly may come forth ; then having thruft it clean forth, lap a Wool-
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for that will beft prevent hurting, and keep the fhooe clofe unto
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XS^W^ yon would have Hair to come very foon in any bare place, or to
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suits, or unwholesome diet or air Avill at once affect them.
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you ihall give him a Gliiler, then make him this Plaiiier : Take of
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four or five Days a Pint of fweet Wine, with two Spoonfuls of the Pow-
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14. Pineal gland. 15. Aquedui-i of Sylvius. IG. Fourth
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not over hard, but fo as you may piit yolir Finger between ; that done
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this: Alicant soap, eight ounces; fresh lime, finely powdered,
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o^ the Hair, it is very ordinary and in hourly Praftice : The beft Cure
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times approved to be fingular good, and for mine own part, I have found
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After which, it having flood about three Days or fomewhat more,pare
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and Wind great, not furrounded or incumbred with Nerval fmall
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leeches, and other depletive measures, must at once be resorted
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the skin, so as to keep the pores open and its action free ; and
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apd boiledj-.and ufed as hot as the Horfe can luffer it. This Medi-
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use it. Another point is to take care that no portion of the
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The next thing obfervable is the Coronet, or Socket of the
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ounces of warm water, and the same of peppermint water.
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did ufe to let him Blood on the Spur- veins of both Sides his Belly,, fome-
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%3^ Others ufe to take Chalk and White Lead mingled other, or
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take them as clear indications of any particular diseases. They
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quantity will not bo retained ; and in introducing the opium,
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Another speedy cure is, take half a teaspoonful of soft soap,
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C H A P. CXLIII. Of Impojihumes^ 'and firfi ho-iv to ripen them.
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senna, -J a dram; peppermint water, li ounces. Mix, and take
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Foot, but finds no Caufe of Lamenels there, whereupon the Gentleman
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then groping the Creft with your hands, to pare the thickeft part there-
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twixt {even and eigiit in the Pi/Iorning, and four or ftve" in the Evening.
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organic disease, suspect bad condition of the blood, — to remedy
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indeed, the condition so closely resembles that of death, that it is
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Ground, but not too high, and that he neither rowl nor boggle in his
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the. Swelling therewith every day once, the fpace of three or four
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and put him into a warm Stable, cover him with Cloths and give hima Mafli,
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^ juft Thirty eight, as you may more plainly perceive by the Pifture afore-
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they are situated around the bone, Breast vertigo; e. Lumbar Vertel
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will grow. In France they fow thefe Seeds and Oats a-like quantity, on
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Water or Matter out of his Koftrils, or Champ or Chaw with his Teeth^
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gently, and when you have brought him Home, Drefs him and Rub him •
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Cw<«<7» is hoc and dry in the third Degree, and is comfortable in all
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otherwise some might be inclined to regard the cure as worse
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wfe to diffole in Vinegar, three Drams of Muf^ard-feed, and as much
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but, sometimes when it occurs in the latter stages of acute dis-
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of the Horfe's Blood and boil it until it come to a Powder and then
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tress continue between the vomiting and purging, and the pain
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hard and ftony way, and after upon a banky Ground, and by taking
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been let blood, and all the Scurf taken aw^y, either with an old Curry-
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heal up the Wound as was before taught in the laft Chapter.
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him^ if you find that ne is dry of his Body, and giveth no outward fign
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Spaven J to the quantity of a quarter of an Almond, or according ro
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if early efforts are not made to arrest the progress of the disease.
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this Infirmity, but alfo any Cold that is newly gotten whatfoever.
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fpread fome of it upon a Cloth, and lay it to the fore, renewing it
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to its removal. Where, as is often the case, a plethoric state
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it will cure it. Others take the Roots of Cummin, and beat them well
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Glandular Swellings. — Weak and scrofulous persons are
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membranes, and secretes a thin serous fluid. The auditory
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giving principle. Bread has 6 flesh forming, 38 heat-giving,
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the Member is disfigured, they will then firft purge the Horfe with '
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the Symptoms of every Grief, we are inforced to conclude all under one
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prescription : Muriate tincture of iron, one drachm, chlorate of
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make it bend inward, then ftraining the midft of your Tool upon the
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Colt, and he will be the willinger to cover the Mare, by reafon of his Airy
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Labour and Travel, which is true Tirednefs indeed. Now for the firft,
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prevention, which is, To keep a Horfe from hewing one Leg upon
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he is hot, or feeding upon grols, foul and corrupt Foods, as in low
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with exceedini< great Pain ^ and furelv it is a kind of Convulfion of
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A plant will not flourish until it has light. Put a geranium
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this quickly. If they want boiled mutton to be juicy, they
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turn up his upper Lip, or that which is moft fwelled, and with a Laun-
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Urine will be blackifh. and thick, and his Stones (if he have any) will be
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of teeth, and frequently the tongue is thereby grievously in-
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den-hair, the Crops of Nettles, Carduus. Benediftus, Herb Fluetin,
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grow hard, and in a Day or two it will make the Horfe's Eye found again.