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the Horfe's Koftrils : Or take Linnen chopt, dipt in the Dregs of Oil,

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Firft then, If he have a narrow Back, he will be prone to Saddle-Galls,

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Take fine powder of Fenugreek, and bruife it, feethe it in Water

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ving you only thofe approved Receipts, which not only the former, but

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front; and in the adult it generally M^eighs from three to four

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of each a like Quantity, and ftamping them well together, to Plaifter

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out the filthy Matter; for otherwife perhaps you might choak him;

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unflack'd Lime, and the burned dregs of Wine ; and thefe are to be ufed to

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moved from the eye, so that but little knowledge of its condition

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and Salt, and then to anoint tht place wiih frefh Greafe and Salt mixt

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Ivy beaten in a Mortar, and mixt with Wax, and fo laid to the Eyes like

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lofe his true natural Colour, and when Baynefs turns to Dunnefs Black-

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sulphate of quinine, 1 scruple; extract of nux vomica, 8 grains.

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which Farriers call the Belly-Ach, or Fretting in the Belly, and it

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Causes. — Anything that overheats the body, as violent ex-

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fore and after Travel, and in the Houfe many times in the Day, to

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It is a pity the custom of eating porridge and milk is dying out,

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ihape whereof you lliall fee in another place ; then raze both the quar-

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make a running Suickle of a good fmall Cord, and put it about his Cods

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be much fever, two drams of sweet spirits of nitre. For all

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Eclectic or Herbal Treatment for Consumption. — Abundance

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Cute, according to the Opinion of the old Fitrriers, it is thus; Take

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The Northern Man Watereth two Hours before he Rideth at the leaft,

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%^ Other Farriers take a handful of Rue, and flamp it well wirh

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each half an ounce, a little old Oil and Vinegar; boil with a foft fire,

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Heart-Qualms, and to make any tolerable Horfe Fat to Admiration, but

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be brought Into daily operation that the vigor of the functions

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A teasDoonful to be taken four times a day m a cup ot barley

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There is a great Bone in the Horfe's Breaft, whereunto are fattened Thir-

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A plant will not flourish until it has light. Put a geranium

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food we eat properly, by which such food is bolted, instead of

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if his Sweat be White or Frothy, then take notice that your H-rfe is foul

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Swelling proceed from any windy Caufc, and fo. appear only in rhe

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exciting causes, keep the bowels gently open with rhubarb, or

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prolongation of Its vascular layers passing along the front of the Canal of Petit (9), whi,ch en-

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lent Horfe, fwift, bold, well headed, tali aid ftrong -5 many of them be .

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the Thighs, not far from the Cods : The Signs are, The hinder Legs '

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of Frankincenfe, apcundof Rozen, a pound of Pitch of Greece^ half

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liar form of indigestion, known as " strumous dyspepsia." It is

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on of the ancient and late Farriers, abfolutely to clip them away with

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If a Horle's Body and Breath be hot, it is a lign of a Fever, and heat

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little syrup of orange-peel, is a pleasant and serviceable mix-

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boil the Vinegar, Oil, and Spmna argenti together, until it wax thick, then

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that done, carry him into the Stable, and tie him up to the Rack,

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notwithftanding, then let his Drink be Milk given in the dark, left, the

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faid Salve, and then with a Needle and Thred m:^ke faft your Tent

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firff fit the Ground and kill the Grafs, Plants, t^c. idly, Not to be fparing

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in a particular Chapter hereafter following, together with their feverai .

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The Juice of Borrage, of bcabious, of Fumitory, and of a Dock, of

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flegmy Humour, and not fo vifcous and flimy, as the other Spaven

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musk seeds, one ounce; sal volatile, two drams. Mix; dose, two

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tion of Blood, or abundance of Flegm, Choler, or Melancholy, is

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that Juice whirh is called Crimor Prifmie, and give it the Horle to drink;

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tent every day once until the fiery matter be fallen away; then tent

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and if you Swim him now and then, it will r:Ot do amifs. Others ufe

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Heady how moLent foevevy without giving any inward Medicine.

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