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cold water may be dashed in the face, if the fit continue long,

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FOrafmuch as the great Subftance of this Art of Chyrurgery^ or Se-

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Banks, where noihirg elfe wouM grow, and fuch dry barren Grourd is

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half a Pint of Bur need beaten very fmall, two Ounces of Pariley-feed,

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away much more of the Horfe's Digefl:ion than his Appetite, and being

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CHAP. CLXXV, Of Cautei'iz27!g. or giving the Fire^ the Kinds arii-

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doth belong unto a Horfe's Body. This Oil being given by four or five

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purgative. When the bowels have acted freely, take the fol-

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Hearf, and then fow i wth St. Foin -^s before, for it does not impover'fh

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Here are feveral Difeales which Hogs ( as well as other Crea-

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Moon-eyed, or Wall-eyed, if not timely prevented. Blind ; if he chance

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grees, and in most cases opening medicines, Avith at least one

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with Turpentine^ Wax, and Sheeps Suet molten together^ and fo pour-

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Pece Rejina, which we call Rofin, or pitch of Greece^ it draweth, healetfe,

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whereof, according to the Opinion of moft ancient Farriers, is, To

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In fair ways pare the foal thin, but infrofl, or (tony ways, pare as

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from his Back, and let him ftand ftill an hour, then as before, let him

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a bruifed Clove of Gar lick : But I f that will not force him to Stale, then

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it the Horfe in three or four Days to drink, by a pretty Quantity at a

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sure to leave a great deal of the nutriment in the meat, and of

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continued, frequent use of diuretics and acrid drinks, or it may

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of lavender, ^ ounce ; pure water, 3 ounces ; camphor mixture, 8

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up, and rub his Body and Legs exceedingly -^ then four Hours after you

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troublesome cough, oppression at the chest, and symptoms of flat-

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from the Elbow to the fettipig on of the Hoof :i iind look how mucli it is

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Symptoms. — The disease begins with a chill, and with un-

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and then to give him a Loaf of Bread, or a little other Provender ;

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of the Stable for feven Days. If his Grief be in any nether Joint,

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often removed from place to place, it will hinder them from Thriving,,

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ufed, it will prevent the coming thereof: This Drink is alfo good for

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Four Drops of Vinegar, mix them Morning and Night, drop about Two

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ies Ear that runneth, renewing it once a Day till the Ear leave running.

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a Man, that by hard or crooked fitting hath both his Feet afleep (a^

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bv the Way, you are to take with you this general Rule, and never to fiif

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in mine Opinion, if you ufe no more than them only, they will be fully

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let the Horfe ftand in fome cold running Stream the fpace of a quarter

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luke-warm •, then caft in another Egg, and another Hornfull : Aiid thus

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you Ride him^ he will not Dung, you iliall then Rake him, and if Need

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are fo painful to the Horfe^ that he cannot endure to chaw his Meat,