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Symptoms. — In the early stage there is a small tumor, pul-

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Curry or Drefs your Horfe twice a-Day, that is, before Water, and

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Nature being, as it were, detained from her true and perfefl Cuftom,

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bent of the Ham of the hinder Leg • and it extendeth out into

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Black Soap, and fo much of ftrong Vinegar as (hall fuffice to make it

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Habit, or evil Colour of the Body, fpring from any other Grounds, than

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and of Saltj of each a handful ; boil thefe well in a Pottle of ftrong

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wife upon the itrain, and roimd about the Leg, and do this not only

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brow. It will nearly always yield to full doses of quinine,

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Green Grafs or Forrage cleanfeth the Blood, encreafeth Srength, heal-

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ALL manner of Marrows, or Piths, of what kind foever they be, muft be

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Black-Soap, and mixing them well with Water till they be good and thick,

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it in a clofe VelTelby it felf ; then take a good handful or two of green

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them. In the Winter feafon inftal them, rather than let them run abroad

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of the Spaven or Excretion, and open it with a Cronet, and in any cafa

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like venemous Sores, or when he hath the Lampafs :, Gigs, Wolfs-teeth,

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fowed alone, but if mixt with other Grain, from the beginnhg c

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of fair Water, and make i^ ready to feeth • then put thereto a Peck of

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Farriers ufe, after they have fhaved the place to take the of .fharp

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Degree : It bindeth, comforteth, and refolveth Impofthumes.

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Life of the Horfe, it is alfo a great hazard that the Sore will break out

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alio Dogs of Pleafure, as, The Shepherd's Majlijf for watching his Flock,

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a sense of heaviness and oppression. Generally the action of the

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15-7. The Camery, or Frcunce ibid. The Canker p i ^8. Ihat in the Mcn:h

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and for want of Cure, utterly difabled for any Service.

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is taken out, at d the fore wafh'd wich Ale, Butter, a-d Urine^ then''

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remedy for removing pain is two or three grains of oxalate of

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Nofe baird or raw, and the Hair in many places off from his Face are

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three Ounces, of Manna, Succary three Ounces, of Myrrh one Scruple,

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quences may follow/ the patient should be put under a course

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this is my mofl: general Advice, if at any time you tire your Horfe, to

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sequence of loss of blood, no violent efforts at restoration should

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CHAP. XXI. J certain Sign to hioiv if an Ox or Corp be, found., -

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half a handful of Red Mint, and half a handful of. Southern- wood,,

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render the precaution nugatory. A lotion of I'unar caustic, in

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and the next Morning give every one three flips of Savin, and fo after let them

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the Body with their evil CLualities ^ for fuch Humours breed evil Nutri-

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in the Neck : But if he ftagger or roll behind only, then it is a fign ei-

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Branch, which for the m.oft part will be hard, and not come to rotten-

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to mix with his Provender a little Nitrum, not forgetting to let him

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or by means of fome Obftrutlion, or flopping in the Matrix, or in that

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ing at length suffocation. It is usually accompanied by a fetid

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Others of our own Farrie^js ufe firft to cover the Horfe's back with

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them together with the reft of the Simples beaten into fine Pow-

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Muzzles are moft convenient for Race-Horfes, and what is the OccaJion

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severe, in proportion to the intensity of the exciting cause ; in

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Live-Honey, of each half a Pint ^ then mix all this with the former

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quart of ffrong PofTet Ale, and mjke her drink every Morning^ which

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appear, fo as you may pull it out with a pair of Nippers ; but if it lie

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and Tar boiling hot and as much Flax dipt therein as wiii fid up

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olfend not only the Liver, but the whole Body alfo. Now if the Pal-

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Hares Skin, or a Coney Skin, and (top the Wound well therewith,

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to the hollow Places about the nether Joints, which are moft

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into the true place j then wiih ;h1 gentlenefs loofe the Horfe, and let him

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persons, although it does occur at all ages, and commonly in

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fame time and ftrained ; and fo given to the Beaft, it will force Urine and

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fuch a finewy ph-icc as it cannot be conveniently cut away wirh a hot

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will beat moil palpably, and vsdierefoever he Staleth, there you i'hall

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TH E Difeafe which we call the Mourning of the Chine, or as ibme

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Bath or Poultis thereof, and lay it to the Tick Member,and it will dillblve

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of all Senfe whatfoever. It is a Difeafe not commonly incident to our


Buyer ofcen fippoles ro proceed "ir/m the highth of his Mettle, which

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it in a clofe VelTelby it felf ; then take a good handful or two of green

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hours after he is Foundred, he will be found again within twenty four

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