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raw, grofs, and Flegmetick Matter,apt to PLitiefaclion^and ingendredby

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warm Water, then melt Tar and old Greafe for an Ointment, and if with

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and fo Throttle him : For it will make both thefe Veins fliew moft appa-

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help of Cloaths put him into a Sweat for another Hour, then cool him ^

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enema, consisting of a grain of sulphate of iron, dissolved

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have alluded to but few of them comparatively ; some of them

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Pills of Sweet-Butter, whofe Ibftnefs will help him. It may proceed

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pose use the following: Ginger, 2 ounces; bayberry bark, 4

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specific character attacking the extremity of that passage, and

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of four Days, which is done chiefly to kill the heat of the Fire : Then

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poultices, applied to the part, serve to relieve the pain, and the

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and itching, arrowroot, flour, powdered starch, magnesia, or rye

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mingled together, and give the Horfe co d* ink •, keep the Horfe Warm,

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FOrafmuch as the greateft Art which doth belong to the Keeper

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temples. After the fever has been broken, take forty grains of

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CHAP* 11. BireBions to preferve pur Hogs from the Meafels.

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Ifricken with the Fleam-, partly becaufe they are fo little and thin, that if

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let him rife, tie the fame Leg to die foot of the Manger, fofhort, as

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him well-, but feed your Mare fparingly, efpccially give her a little Water.

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cular attachment, and to the epiglottis by the mucous mem-

purchase prednisone for dogs is bet in the tirft, and dry in the fecord Degree ; It draweth and

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The Cochlea, so called from its resemblance to a snail's

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in warm Sallet-Oil, and then after to dry and heal it up with the

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cold Difeafes in the Head ^ he hath alfo 'two great main Veins running

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anoinr ail the Horfe 's Body over either with Oil and B.iy Berries mingled

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acid fruits, most kinds of vegetables, unwholesome food, and

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i|)iced. Straw, dry Hay, or fuch like, his extremity of Coughing will

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from a Yearling Foal : Alio in letting Blood, you muft carefully regard

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10. The drawing cauterizing Iron to open and ftpjrate the Flefli, either

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Chap. XLVI. u4 ntofi Rare and Certain approved Medicine^ to Cure any

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plain ; then take two ounces of unflacked Lime, one ounce of Soap,

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The evacuations, however, should not be stopped till the

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Item, When you let Blood, you muft take but the fourth part from a

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rance, are long, fcabby, and dry Chops or Rifts, growing right

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Now you Ihall let him ftand after his wafhlng three Days more and

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tliere is undoubtedly a close connection between that and child-

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beconfunvid ; then take it off and put thereto half a Pi«^of Honey,

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iivui. Of Adores which cafl their Foals p. loi. Of Mares that are hard of

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through the Corruption of Blood, and fometimes for want of

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it bore was supposed to have the power of curing it with a

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Cloudy or Lowring,his Fore-head Flat and Sqare, with the vulgar Term

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Alhes finely fifted mixed with the Grounds of Ale, have been found an ex-

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a useful accompaniment to any other medicines which may be

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to be. It Cometh many times by evil fhooing, and evil paring; and

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are causes which also produce epilepsy. Sometimes it is hered-

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direction, — any attempt to return being instantly resisted by

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whole are enveloped in a membrane which covers their surface

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upper than at the lower extremity. The bones of the hand are

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read of Bucephalus, the Horfe of Alexander the Great, that altho' he was

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mediately ftrow upon it the Powder of burnt Oyfter-fliell, continuing

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lascivious ideas should be dismissed from the mind. The bow-

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3. The Bilious, or Choleric Temperament, intermediate

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him again with waflied Turpentine, mingled with the Yolks of three

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disease is called spurious gonorrhea, and must be distinguished

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circulates. Arterial blood is a florid red, with a stronger odor

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or the Spur-veins, or on both. To conclude, there is no Drink nor Diet

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denial, industry, and wholesome diet which are the chief fea-

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