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about a Mile, give -him the fame at Night, and ride him as before ^ but

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be broad, ftrait and fmooth, well meafured and even, to which his Ribs

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abdomen, chest, or cranium — as to render the nature of the dis-

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hours after he is Foundred, he will be found again within twenty four

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them remain under the Skin 'till the Matter rot, then crufh it forth after

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Nov/ for hunting either of Buck, Stag or Flare for Speed on the Road,

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3. The third muft be taken from moderate Labour and feafonable Exer-

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preservation of health. The explanation of this is, that the

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and his Mouth opened, to take a very fharp File, and to file the Woifs*

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his Members, then the Cure is, firft to put him into a Sweat, either by

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moft gentle Medicine, to adminifter a Clifter, were to bring the Horfe's

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fire fo deep, or fuffer your hand to be fo heavy, that you may mis-fliape

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When the Race is ended, wherein if he have been exceeding hard

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Horfe no other Food for the fpace of three Days, than Worm-wort, and

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the Day before, you mull give your Horfe fuch Exercife as will be fure

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THE Hoof-bound is nodiiiig elfa but a fhrinking in of the whole

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be a warm Mafti of Malt and Water, then let him feed a little after it,

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To cure an^ Beajl, Sheep, &c. hit with a mad Dog, or other Venomous BeaJ.

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the White of an Egg, and a quarter of an ounce of Red Lead, boil

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Walnut, according to the Age thereof, growing up>on the infide of

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is infinite and uncertain : Then hath he two main great Sinews, which

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being; in the goose it bears a very much smaller proportion to

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ward : Thole are faid to be outward, which proceed of outward Caufes,

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ing as the Vein doth divide, you fliall take the laft Knot of every

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then moft furious : The etpecial figns of this Fever are, that his Arteries

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ufutilly in March and Ap'iU »" a ca'+'n D^y 5 fcoie fow it wiii W

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whole Year •, only bitter Ele(n:uaries, or Conferves of Fruits or Roots, will la ft

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of the body, and the peculiar viscid disharge from the nostrils,

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Koi-fe like Water, then you fhallund^rftand, that either the Horfe hath

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^ the Shoulder-bone is out of Joint ; for cure whereof throw him on the

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food is burned — such as salt, phosphoric acid, potash, &c. The

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between the arches of the palate. In their natural state they

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or two the following : Subcarbonate of potash, four drams; puri-

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fmall Shooe-maker's Thread underneath the Vein alfo, fomewhat higher

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the fame, and give it to him prefently to drink, and fo continue four or

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in Ale. It' his flictking Fit be paft before voli perceive his Sicknels, you

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whole. Others of the ancient Farriers ufe firft to bathe the Horfe's

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top of the VVichers, and flroaking the Wind up equally with your

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render the precaution nugatory. A lotion of I'unar caustic, in

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is thus : you fliall firft purge his Head by making him Sneeze -^ that done,

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pound. Mix Avell together; take from one to two teaspoonfuls

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Ounces powder'd ; bathe the Dog with it warm. Probati

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snuffed up the nose. A solution of chloride of potassa, soda, or

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midft of the Splent, and let it be fo deep that you may be fure that the

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morning; to be followed up by small doses of calomel and rhu-

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Chap. CLXXVII. Of Cauterize by Medkirte^ which is Cauterize Potential

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osseous labyrinth is contained the membranous labyrinth, upon

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three Weeks end, to make your Cure fo much the furer, it were not

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you intend to make any new Sore or Iffue, for the drawing, or keeping

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Wood of Oliander beaten to Powder, incorporate this in as much Sheeps

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a rigidity of the limbs, retaining them in a certain position,

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down into the Limbs^ and there breedeththis Swelling j or elfe when

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meals where they work, or with unwashed hands. Let them

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CHAP. XLIX. Of the Stick-fafi, or Sit-fafi, tToms, or hard

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