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Other Farriers take Unguentum iEgypti-^cum, which is made of

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to take a handful of pill'd Garlick, and boil it in a Quart of Milk till a

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Linnfa, which we call Flax or Lime ; the Seed thereof is hot and dry, and

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begin to dry up, and then heal it with the Powders beforemamed. See far-

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that newly^ then firft take of Oil de Bay;, Dialthea, of Nerve Oil,

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mon, may be used. For chronic looseness, the following de-

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young, and efpecially if it be about the Head or Face of a Horfe,

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Feeding in «he Winter, only breedeth this Difeafe of Loofenels in

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Causes. — WliateVer depresses the spirits, or impoverishes

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are not equal to meat. With flesh meat a carnivorous animal

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give it him to drink, with a pint of Malmfey. Others ufe to take

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the fpace of two Days ^ then take of Honey a quarter of a pint, and

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and tlie mucous memljrano called conjunctiva, which covers the

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on, and anointed with the Ointment under-written, it will draw fo

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Hours he may not touch the fore Place wi;h his Mouth. Now in

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vital functions. Bronchitis is either acute or chronic.

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Humour, purgeth all Flegm and Cboler, and is good for the Liver and

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CHAP. XLIIL A certain and aff roved way^ how to raife u$ , .

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reft, feeding him by little and little, as aforefaid, and

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The Gums are the cellular and mucous membranes which

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Giafsclofe ftopt, then pound it very fmall and mix it with an equal quan-

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skin together on a purfe, folding the packthred oft and oft about, and ftill

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panied by some degree of bearing down, four or six drams of

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ther inform you, This Difeafe of the Yellows, or Jaundice, if the

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\ Fter you have taken up the Vein, knit it fail above, and then cut

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Others ufe, after the Horfe is let blood, to take of Oil de Bay a

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The handful is fix Ounces and a half, and his Characfter is M.

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and then dry it up with the Powder of Verdigreafe : but if it grow in

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eale Iha 11 happen to a fucking Foal, ascommonlyjit will, and 1 my felf

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negar, and mix them well together, and lay ic to the Sore, and it will

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have continued fo long that he is far (pent and wafted, take out his Tongue,

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it in Vinegar, warm it upon a Chafing-difh of Coals, and with ronnd Balls

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drams of the muriated tincture of iron in the same quantity of

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prefcribed Juch Medicines^ if they would not certajjdy have cured the Beafts

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cupations in which one or other of its preparations are fre-

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tion constitutes breathing, in the act of which w^e see the chest

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This Dile-afe proceedeth ofteft from fome unnatural Heat coming

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he bleed abundantly, then you fhall give him this Drink : Take a Quart

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with part thereof, and immediately clap a Cloth or piece of Leather upon it, to

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the Horie lofeth the Ufe of that Limb flie ran over..and if fhe run over his

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Goat's Milk, and with it anoint the place, or elfe Oil wherein a Moldy-

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tion in the throat, are the chief characteristics of this affection.

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Of the Sicknefs of the Heart, called the Anticor, ibid. Of tired Horfes, p.68.

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A Canker is faid by the ancient Farriers co be nothing but the raw-