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nant water, especially when acted on by heat ; poor, watery diet,

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OF the Gonfumption of the Liver, I have fpoken fomething in the

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the process of respiration the oxygen is reduced to eleven per

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then drefs the fore place therewith, being warmed, and Lint or Tow

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be applied over the bowels ; the patient's feet should be im-

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ing the period of human infancy evidently indicates that the

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and' then dipping Flax therein, lay it unto all the Swelling, and then

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paiie^of the Flovvcr of Brimftone, of Brown Sugarcandy, of each of theie

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TAKE the Power of Elicampane Roots, Cummin-Seeds and Fe-

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Quarter, and thereby caufeth the Horfe to halt, then you (hall lay

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as copious dilution. Should there be much pain in the back,

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centre a small white spot, Avhich should be carcfnlly dng out

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old Farriers ^ from whence lioweth the Fulnefs and Emptinels of the

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greafe, of each a like quantity, of Wax one Ounce ^ boil all toge-

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follicle, or tube, into which a great number of small clustered

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together in a fufficient quantity of Beer; and when the Mallows be


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the severe symptoms will gradually remit, with an expectoration

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ed in a Pint of Muskadine,and feed her with fweet Hay,and warm Mafhes,

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a Horfe's Body, it is not amils to fpeak fomething of the Tiring of

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When you have kept them three Days, which you muft do e'er you

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Grafs, or by drawing frozen duft wifh the Grafs in'o their Mouiis;

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cayenne, one grain ; white sugar, one scruple. This, divided

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Tent to make it keep in, and ufe this until the Horfe be whole.

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kept running for some time, are very beneficial. After the

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down and affects the deeply-seated tissues, there is great cause

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whatfoever : For befides his wonderful Feeding, it cleanfeth the Body

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Raifms of the Sun, and pick out the Stones, and ten Figs, which you

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Curb be gone ; and in any cafe let hH your Salves be applied warm and

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the Horfe's Back, and \^o almoft univerikl over the Horfe's whole Body :

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containing a small plate ot cartilage, which appears to be the rudiment of a third lid, such

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let them be ground together upon the Black Stones as fmall as poffible

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Great progress has been made recently in the study of this dis-

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privation is still more rapidly fatal ; but the quality of the air is

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from the dark, coagulated blood which comes from the stomach.

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CHAP. XXil. An approved Remedy for the Mad Staggers or Lunacy.

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as. if the water we iise to wash our clothing is dirty, it is im-

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at Grafs^ till he hath taken a Froft or two_, and no doubt but he

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protruded and often bitten, there is foaming at the mouth, the

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what to think, or if he do, conjtfturts he is poifoned, and in a confufed

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colorless fluid, like rice-water, accompanied with great pros-

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Now for the narrow Buttock or ridged Rump, they are both weak and

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Neihnels, Tendernels, Freeneis of Spirit, and the Climate under

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the Ears of Wheat by four or five at a time till the whole Parcel is waft-

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Treatment. — It the fever be of an inflammatory character,

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and by procefs of time, it cometh ro be a hard Bone, and caufeth the

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ing to drink luke-warm, which done, ride him a little up and down, and

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and incorporare all thds together, and then apply ic lo the fore place,

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<^ If you feethe a pound of Black Soap in a quart of ftrong Ale

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feeding, or through over-heating and labouring, or by the in-

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here present our readers with a cut, wliicli represents the large

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drelTed Hemp-feed : Or elfe to take a good Qiiantity of Box-tree Leaves,

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that will make the Joint return into i's true Place; then make two

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stage of digestion being imperfect; therefore eat only what you

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Others ufe to let the Horfe bltod in the Vein under the Tail, next

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