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the Tops, leaves and flowers of Centaury, which they boil until a Qtiart

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doth turn to hifirmity. The Signs of both thefe kinds of Evils, or Ob-

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We meet with the indications of two, or even three, of them

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by great Travel, or by iharp and hot Meats and Drinks, or el fe by the

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lent againft any Cold, Poze, or other Obftruftions in tlie Head. Take

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and tongue, in a whisper. As the disorder advances, the pa-

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two stages of the disease, the urine being at first clear and with*

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CHAP. IV. Of the Garget^ Catarrh^ and Staggers in a Hog,

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Comrades have near at hand, who having got the Gentleman's Horfe, by

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n'ium Farficuwy are excellent CompofKions, and irjoft comfoi table after tbe^

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comes more severe from time to time, without any such cause

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cold Warer to drink, and after twenty four Hours you may unbind or un-

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Eye, and burn thofe holes even unto the Bone, and then once a Day

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inches and a half long, fo that you may put in your Forefinger towards

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1^ Now for mine own part, the bef^ Medicine I have found in

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ving my felf ineafured many Horles, 1 never yet could find any certain-

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nape of the neck. It consists in little conical elevations,

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not the moft expedient Method, for preparing Horfes for Races.

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accidental opening, in jots, in accordance with the

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of Swallows 5 both which are or moft lovereign Virtue.

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you buy your Horfe> or for what ufe he is defigned, what Colour is befi

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which Swelling, if it be not prevented, will flop the Horfe's Wind-

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hours, with one of the following powders each time in the dose ;

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Treatment. — The cure must of necessity vary somewhat,

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sition of health, strength, and vigor. In addition to active exer-

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At Kight give him Barley and Fitches mixt together, and fb keep him

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a dry bracing air, will be most proper ; a sheltered residence,

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If inftead of the Herbs themfelves, you give the Juice of the Herbs ia

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ccmpounded wirh their like, the Medicine is called Ancdjneor L'yncgs

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to fweat mightily, and fall a trembling and flaring, as if his Eyes were

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filler hard Skin wich frefn Butter or Hogs greafe^ until it be mollified

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to the Veflel : It is hoc and dry in the third Degree, and only clean-

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first insipidus (tasteless), when the urine retains its usual taste;

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the chopt Nettles, and fo bind it to the Sore, renewing it once a Day

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mours needing to be purged, it is beft firft to give him a Suppofitory, left

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the fit, as Ave have said, usually comes on suddenly, yet there

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moft Vile ; nor can it be done, but tothe utter fpoiling and killing of the

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him dritik before he be inwardly cooled, or before his Body be dried :

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is also caused by hereditary taint, and resolves itself into a con-

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not much encreafing, although not at all healing, and the- be called

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Horfe i you fliall perceive ic by his trailing his Leg upon the Ground

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Vein, then bathe and chafe his Joint and Leg therewich all about

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be very foft -^ then cover him with fome piece of rich Tapiftry or Cloath

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a couple of Eggs exceeding hard, and then in the very Violence of

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Let the lid of the affected eve be carefully closed ; damp

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Stale fod with Salt, and that will dry upche Humour and heal i., ^^ -u

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Inflammation of the Bladder. Causes.— It is seldom a

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of Malmfey. Others take of unburnt Brimftone two Ounces, of Arifto-

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and Tiring. The fign is only the apparent hanging down of the Mem-

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that is very dry upon it, fbmetime after ftrike it off again, and anoint it

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old Shoce, v/ith an hole inthe.midft,. which is called a French Rowe],

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may be given. The following preparation has been found very

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Powders, and with as much Wheat-flower as will bind and knit them all