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Burnings is to burn with Medicines, as are Caufticks and Corrofives.
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cough is troublesome, take a tea made of slippery-elm bark, or
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time of lettingBlood,you muft make yourQuantity according to the Good-
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Causes. — The causes which produce this disease are — a
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pint of rose-water, be injected lukewarm twice a day.
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mortification, so called from its eating away the flesh. Gan-
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throngh diflike and weaknefs, is flirunk alfo, and then the Cure is not
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and brew them together with Honey and ftrong Ale. Others ufe to
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one means or other, and alfo that it may not be drowned within the
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or rimbarb or minute quantities of castor-oil (a teaspoonful only)
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Inflammation of the Iris {Iritis). — This is characterized
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])uri)ose. By habit from youth many can dispense with any un-
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Summer-time, and that the Sun ftiine hot, take the Horfe abroad ^ but if
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ful of Soap, and as much Lime ; mingle them together that it may be
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and camphor (anti-spasmodic), is perhaps the best form of ad-
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Powder of a burnt Felt, or thick Cream and Soot mixed together, wiii
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in the fame manner, which done, keep his Legs clean from Duft by
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Horfe i you fliall perceive ic by his trailing his Leg upon the Ground
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dinary and natural letting of Blood, without compulfion of any Sicknefs
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Should it arise from the presence of worms, which is recog-
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Body as any Medicine whatfoever, fo it be applied in its due time, and
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burned, being little or much ; that done, anoint every Knot fo burn-