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fame, proceeding from abundance of melancholy corrupt Blood, in-
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from a hot Caule, then let the Horfe Blood, and with that Blood mix
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from its burning heat, and partly because the saint whose name
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commencing in one of the limbs, and proceeding upwards to the
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This disease is to be carefully distinguished from inflam-
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Chronic Inflammation of the Bowels.— The signs of this
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it is a natural and useful inquiry, hy lohat means does the trainer
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up the fame, you fliall take Oil of Rofes, Virgins- Wax and Rozen,_
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and it will cure the Canker. There be other Farriers which for this Can-
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half a Pint of Bur need beaten very fmall, two Ounces of Pariley-feed,
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Wax, Turpentme, and Hog's-greafe molten well together.
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Plaifter ; then fpread it upon the Linen Cloth, and lap it round about
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pulse hard, small, weak, and irregular ; luuisea, vomiting, some-
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Then Gallop him again, but not too hard ^ when you have done fo for
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from his Back, and let him ftand ftill an hour, then as before, let him
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an Egg, for a day or two ; and laltly, to dry it up with the Powder
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Aho, if you rub and chafe the Muzzel or Mouth of an Ox with Garlick
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cording to the moft ancient Farriers, is, only to give him a Clifler made
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well any Shoe, without the leafi injury to the Horfe.
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203. Fdfe garters ibid. Of hurts in the Hips p. 204. Of Slicing p. 20 y.
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up, and rub his Body and Legs exceedingly -^ then four Hours after you
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from the Elbow to the fettipig on of the Hoof :i iind look how mucli it is
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TAKE (if you can get it) an Ounce of the fine and pure Pafte of "^
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course is not so much relied on or practised now as formerly.
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of the Stable for feven Days. If his Grief be in any nether Joint,
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ingendreth good Blood, increafeth Strength and Courage, and maintain-
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Take a Bunch of Penny-royal, and tie it to the Mouth of your Bitt
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ies Ear that runneth, renewing it once a Day till the Ear leave running.
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let the Horfe ftand in fome cold running Stream the fpace of a quarter
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either Flailter or Unguent, tor you Ihall underihnd, that when a Hoife
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mation, you iiiall underftand that it cometh by Means that the Blood
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as asthma, scarlet fever, etc. ; anything debilitating the diges-
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you may affure yourfelUi^^y aie fubjeQ to,sotiennefs j you malt beat
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ing than your lelf on your Horle-back by riding him gently till you come
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and at or near a certain hour; but a deviation from this rule is
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and Benjamine, and bruifmg them grofly together, burn them under the
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nefs of hearing, help tiring. Cramps, Scurvy, the Stone, fioppings of the.
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his sufferings by all nieans in our power, to do so with duo cau-
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The Roots of Elder, beaten to Powder, and boiled with Honey, is good
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and give it the Horfe falling iu the Morning to drink '-, then Ride him
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toms are agonizing pain in the region of the bladder, often ac-
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difh and Coals, mixt them together, give it the Horfe to drink, this will
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and quinine, either in the form of pills or mixture, as follows: —
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alfo is a fign of an inward Ulcer, and that the Difeafe is paft Cure. Now
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proceed many times from the Flux of Humours dillilling from the Brain,
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out all the Jelly, tent the Hole with a Tent of Flax dipt in Turpen«
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Salt only, or wafti it with Salt and Vinegar 'till it be wliole. Others
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them down the Horfe's Throat. Pills of fomewhat llrong Nature are to
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Chap. XL. How gfktainly to take away any Coldy Foz,ey or Ratling in the
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he hath been either heated on his Foot by labour, or foundred,
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Mouth, and fom.etimes fome Blood alfo. the Cure is prefently to give a
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Stone with the Nerves and firings they hang by, and clofe your Tongs under
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together with the Cold alfo proceeding from corrupt Seed, which cometh
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with a hard Halter, or from fome evil Humour congealed In the Ears by
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