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CHAP, CXI. Certain fpecial Notes to he ohferved in the httying of a Horfe.

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weight, fuch as many do call Pohnian Oats, or fome more vulgarly cut

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ror too Soluble, yet the G'rf^;^;/} inclined to fome BUcknefs, it is a fign

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in a liquid form; all solid food should for a time be suspended.

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dice, are Yelbwnefs of hi^ Eyes, Koftrils, infide of the Lips, the Skin,

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water every night ; and should the looseness continue, he may

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place with a little Dialthea. ^r with Hog's-greafe, and then turn him

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Epilepsy. — Epilepsy is a form of disease wliich receives

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put in some fresh yeast ; work it well for two days, then bottle

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ingendreth good Blood, increafeth Strength and Courage, and maintain-

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Rubbing much, hard, and well, doth, profit, preferve, and doth keep

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luke-warm-warm to drink ^ ufe this Medicine a Fortnight. Others ufe

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that if you ftrike upon him with your hand, it will found hollow like a

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X will pifs Blood inftead of Urine, the Caufe (as the moft ancient

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drams of the last, with a few drops of cayenne-tincture mixed

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haps the best, but carbonate of soda, or potash, in six or eight

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Barley ilraw burnt, and Soot, will dry up, and heal a fore Back : the .

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5</e^, which we call Sallows or Willows; it bindeth and drieth vehe*

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startings, hiccups, and cold clam'Tiy sweats are very dangerous

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the Sinews, which proceedeth from cold Caufes, of which we have

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their Horfe Water wherein Licoras hath been fodden, raixtwith Wine,

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Oats and Husks may fall away, and whatloever elfe you imagine offenfive,

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tar, and fo very jfiot lay it to the Ring-bone ; do thus four Days toge^

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Inflammation of the Throat, proceeding from fome Cbolerick or

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was molten, but Nature hath overcome [Infirmity, and the worfl

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beft of all Purgations-, for it purgeth away all thofe venemous and filthy

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stimulant will act in this way ; but it has been found that the


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7F when you faddle and gird yourHorfe, the Girts be either knot-

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diet will do much toward a cure. Nitrate of mercury ointment,

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Take the mixture recommended for acute fever. When the

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which you may do within two or three hours after his feeding, let it

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which done, wrap it clofe about with unwafhed Wool newly pulled from

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IF an HorfCj by the mifchance of fome Wound^ Ihail have any of

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cannot conceive how any help iliould come from burning of the Skin,

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elfe Ground-Ivy and Wormwood with the Roots fod in Wine, and laid


Then take of Honey, of fweet Butter, and oi Tar, of each half a Spoon-

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ufe to mix Grounfel and jicjitaviu together, and to put that into his Ears.

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then make round Balls as big as Walnuts, and give the Horfc five every

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the Refolution of his Members, and the Diftentioii of his Siiiews, all his

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One very remarkable feature of veins is their numerous


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knowledge of the state of the heart, and by auscultation and per-

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of Rozen, and a handful of Tanfie, and half a handful of Rue, and

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Foot and put a pair of Pafterns upon his Feet, and let him neither lie

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gentle emetic and afterward an aperient; if acrid matter in the

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from going forwards, is ever lik to be good and durable in Travel.

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begot, you iliall take a Pottle of new Milk, and two Handfuls of Savin

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fliooe him with very wide open fhooes, and then for a Monctiorcwo

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In fair ways pare the foal thin, but infrofl, or (tony ways, pare as

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glassful every four hours. A very good remedy is the following :