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High crefted is his Necky and eke his Neck is framed fmaU,

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ble time 5 you need nor, neither (hall you be fo tender of him as in the

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The next thing to be confidered is the Hoof, the which is as great

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into a lethargic sleep, from which he does not awake for some

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of the choroid, which is connected with the ciliary ligament.

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you put in the Horn^ and then prelently let it loofe again ; for that will

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the Roots of Dragonus bruifed, the Roots of Elicampane, bruifed, of

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same weight of flesh-meat, but it has long been known that eggs

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Cleanliness has a powerful influence on the heaith and pre-

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ip vestment from the lining membrane of that cavity — the peri-

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anoint his Eyes either with the Marrow of a Sheep's Shank and Rofe-wa-

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and fome in dying, and could never find any Liquid or thin Brain, as in

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the tail: then wafh all the fore Places with Salt-brine, and rubbing

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in quantity, and firmer in consistence, is the inner

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either of a Fever, rotten Lungs, heat in the Stomach, heat in the Liver^

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Corn, Horn, or Leather, all of which, and the manner of Rowelling,

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Intermiffion, and when he Cougheth, he will not much bow down his

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^TT^ HERE is not any Difeafe more eafily procured, nor more dan-

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Now for the letting of a Horfe Blood in the Palate of the Mouth, you

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the nether end of the middle Line, and fo upward betwixt the

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Other Farriers take of Olibanum, and new. Wax of each one ounce,

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be had to that of his Neck ; for if he be fleck, clofe, bright airj fliining,

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hundred or more Hiinting-Horfes riding and running this way or that way

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Straw, or Chaff ^ then let him have cold Water the fpace of nine Days.

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into the eye, from a quill, or a small glass tube, a solution of

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eth in the nether end of the Horfe's Eye r.ext to his Nofeward ^ it pro-

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Peaches are cold and moirt in the lecond Degree: They bind and ftir up

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clcanfed once, and the Feather or Rowel alfo cleanfed and frefh

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red Wax half an ounce, and of Armoniack half an ouncej mingle them

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Barber's Itch. — It is communicated by an unclean razor

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to lift up his Foot ; then cut the Cord afunder, and put a little Salt in-

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Generous Spirit,who'^cannoc chufe but delight and take wonderful plcafure

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the body but pain is felt, a sure evidence that a nerve has

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to do it •, and being brought into the Stable, after rubbing down, give

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the Deed of Sinallage an Ounce and a half, of Rue half an Handful!,

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having four cavities, two on each side. Its action is that of

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breathing, and consumes its blood purifying qualities every

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i^rils, and a fqueezing or drawing in of his Nofe when he breatheth ;

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Southeniwoit, of each halt' an Ounce, of dry fat Fi£^s three Ounces, of

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Oilj or Turpentine, and ftop them underneath with Cow-dung,

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Jr\_ Parts fubjeft to many and fundry Grievances, as namely, the Pa-

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vital, a. Medulla oblongata, i. Corpus caliosum. 5.

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gives the laborer sound sleep and healthy appetite.

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taken up the Vein, to take of Muftard-feed, of the great Mallow-root,

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irregularly concave below, very thick behind, and very thin in

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cond Degree : lecleanfeth, incarnateth, and comforteth Wounds.

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his Food, and groaning with much painfulnefs. This Difeafe is of ma-

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the Thigh, and underneath the fame; then under the f^id Vein there

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ther with Ken's or Capon's-Greafe to moHify it : Then take a little Live-

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ther in one Body, but is broken and difperled, ihewing many Clouds in

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the Foot, betwixt the fole and the Ihooe, fomctimes on the in-

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the Powder of Brimftone finely beaten and learled, work them either

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senna, -J a dram; peppermint water, li ounces. Mix, and take

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Soap, two ounces of unflack'd Lime, and as much Lye, or ftrong

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and little Feet; For long Pafteras fhew Weaknefs, and broad Feet fhew riulnefs^

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pint and a half of water for a few minutes; strain off the liquor

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to be open'd with a Cord fo wide, that you may eafily fee every Part

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Day anoint the Place w^ith frefli Butter, continuing fo to do the fpace

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THE Roots of Daffodils are very good for to cleanfe the Lights of

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teen Eggs, and give the Horfe the firft Day three, the fecond Day five,

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other good plan is to fill bladders with a decoction of madders

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dressings, with oiled silk or sheet of gutta percha, to keep the