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feth and ripenetb, and is good for all old Difeafes 5 it aJfo drieth, draweib,

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like, alfo boil them with a loft Fire and ff ir it v/ell ; when it waxech

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Chap. II. Of the Veins helongmg to a Horfe ^ and how many there he.

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3-ip-Sj and the Roots of Fern and Rocket; or mingle them with Greafe

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both your Beginning and Ending fomewhat beyond the Fall, fo as the

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Ounce : Kow when a third part of the Ale is confum^d, take it from the

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be had) three or four round Pebble-Stones, and put them int© one of his

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Grafs, or keep him in the Stable after the ancient Cuftom.

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AUnat'jn or Martia'onj is a hoc unguent againlt all cold Humours ; it

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^give him a fweet Maili. hi the Evening perfume his Head with a fweet

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with Honey and Hogs Dung, mix'd together. Other Farriers ufe to

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if his Sweat be White or Frothy, then take notice that your H-rfe is foul

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Tight dresses should be avoided ; and no exciteuxcnt be allowed.

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rub his Back all over very hard, then laying Arlmart under the Saddle, fo

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or elfe been lamed and fpoilcd ; it will be therefore a Study worthy the

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Match you fhall Shooe him. Poll him, and all things el fe that you Ihall

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an Hour : And do this three or four Mornings together. Others ule to

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that the Horle is not able to travel, but haltcth downright^ they pro-

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his Nofe to the upper Up, that is downright juft between his Nolkils, a-

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The Turning Difeafe iii Sheep ibid. To increafe Milk ibid . Loofe Teeth ibid.

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fome foft Dunghil, or other eafie Place, and with a Knife to cut away

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does not reach its height for a week latter than the later.

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state of the bowels. Adopt a diet free from all astringents,

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Earth ;, To. 1 have iikewife made and drawn divers Pj€tureF, ietring out all

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what towards his Flank, which done, they give him this Drink: Take

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. Camedros^ wiiich we call Germander,^ is hoc and dry in the third Degree,

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no deeper^ for this will inlarge and open the Skin.

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sary to give stimulants; carl)Oiiate of ammonia in five-grain doses,

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treatment can be adopted. Sedatives, such as opium and hem-

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being diffolved by fome extream and diforderly Heat, reforteth down-

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above recommended, with proper regard, of course, to difference

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of their being put on, and the Danger that there is in fome of them,

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century, dried horehound, dried buckbean, dried betony, dried

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their Bodies fooner than any other thing. Likewile a little black Soap

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and the true Manner to know a good Horfe from a bad.

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old Farriers, is. To take half a pint of Honey, and a quarter of

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Cure^ it W kccoT^'mg to the- Opinion of the aAd Fapriers^ in this man-

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Head, nor abftain from his Meat : And when he drinketh, you ihall fee

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the Hoife, as 1 have oftentimes feen and noted in the Praclice of many Ig-

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Spice, (as thole which take hot Drenches upoji every foolifh and flight

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proceed from fome rtroak, prick, or violent Accident. Now of

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ther in a Mortar, and then make it into four or five Balls, and then put

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Beer or Ale till the one half be confumed, and then give it the Horfe

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fo infeaious, that as many Horfes as do gnawr or gnap upon the Horfe

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afterwards with water mixed with wood ashes (a pinch of ashes

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is to fay, a Ball at a time, whenibever your Horfe fhall fail in Travel i

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hours, and continued for some days. After discharging pretty

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Herb, or rather a Weed called Stonc-crcf. and bruizing it in a Morter,

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tion and swelling of the former; so that the patient is unable

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motions in the commencement of the disease is sometimes

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Powder of Chalk, aiid putting them into Ale, make the Horfe fwallow

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arises from it. In cases where there is difficulty of expector-

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the Lungs, proceeding from a Cankerous fretting and gnawing Humour,