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backwards, but betwixt his fore. Legs, and foremoft girt : For backward
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utes or a quarter of an hour; and In winter not more than five
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joined on the one hand with the terminal ramifications of the
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the S-^ddle p: 173. The NaveLGail ibid. Of Swaying in the Back p, 174. Of
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with Salt and Lard dried in the Sun, ^nd give it twice a Day before each
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all over, and on every fide, and {o let them lie a good Ipace till the iliells
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Allom, Galls, and Mail, *till it come to a Plaifter, and then apply it
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dense. The arrangement of a bundle of these fibrils in an ulti-
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scribed by M. Bretonneau, of Tours, in Franco, where it pre-
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The Neapolitan Courfer for all Ufes is moft Excellent and Beautiful.
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gently, and when you have brought him Home, Drefs him and Rub him •
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ternally it presents a number of furrows, or lines, which are
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buds of Elder, and the green Briar Berries, and boil them in a Pottle
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the jh'ofe hath taken fome inward Heat, and his Stomach and Bowels do
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near to his Back, if his Stones hang down and fwag about in the Cods, they
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travelling, the fpace of one Month, and that will bring his Shoulder to
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Flefli, or fuch like: Then he hath two Veins which run alonjg his Side,
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tion, but it becomes the principal source of enjoyment in the
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of the air into the Inngs, and has a considerable influence upon
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Powder and ftrewed thereon, or elfe with Mercury calcined, called,,
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to his Head : Then take the Threads which are at the Quill's-end, and
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dry, or by running-waters if they lie convenient, or that there be any
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but they occur much more frequently internally than externally,
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rhubarb, 20 grains; powdered saleratus, 20 grains : powdered
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by slight fever, which lasts for one or two days before the erup-
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are Signs of Comehnefs ; as on the contrary, a thick Jolt-Head
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Breaft, and Griefs in the Cheft : The taking up of the fore-thigh-veins
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to be a Flux of Rheum, which iffueth fometimes atone fbmetimes at
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place with a little Dialthea. ^r with Hog's-greafe, and then turn him
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Pus in the fcces indicates either ulceration of the bowels,
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thePurpofe; thatdone, thruftitagainwithafullTent, dipt in the afore-
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hood ; which if from the corruption of our old Inventions, we call Bro-
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either sigmoid or semilunar. The regurgitation of blood into the
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rough granular appearance. In this case, they should be gently
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Pifs, and then boil them well together; then bathe all the fore place
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relative one. Such a state of body as would be considered
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yet moift and well fixt together •, but if the Brownnels turn to Rednefs,
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Hcrfes, and of the Remedies for the fame, becaule when a Horfe is
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Spoonfuls thereof with a Pint ot Wine or ftrong Ale : Then the reft mix
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towards the Ribs, from the bending of the Hoof unto the Leg, are two
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gar, apply it to the place. Or the Powder of Galls burnt, mixed with
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to wafh the Splent with warm Water, and then fhaveoff the Hair,
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Duodenum, or twelve-inch intestine, the* membrane of whose
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Emetic tartar, one grain; powdered ipecacuanha, fifteen grains;
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best brandy. Kepeat, if necessary, in about an hour. When
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fie it lightly with the point of a Razor, fo as the blood may ilTue forth;
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fowcd alone, bjt if mixt with other Grain, from the beginnhg of Feb. to the end of
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The Throat, as popularly understood, is of somewhat in-
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the dark will never unite ; the light of day causes them to min-
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palpitation of the heart, and increase of the pain in the head.
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his Head with cold Simples, as Camomile, Mellilot, Licoras, dried Red
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confound all the Subftance of the Liver, proceeding as they think, from
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will recover his Wearinefs. Others ufe to take a flice of frefh Beef,
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potu, is a disease of the brain, usually caused by an abuse of
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these cases, it seems likely that the blood circulating in the
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hardnefs of the Ground, and the high lifting of the Horfe's Feet, ei-
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sulphuric acid and nitric acid, of each one dram ; mix in a cup
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little fpace between the Bones ^ it denotes Short-wind, Foulnels of
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Barber's Itch. — It is communicated by an unclean razor
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But if to take away Molten Greafe, then inftantly after his Heat, and
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that done, clap a little Tow dipt in Hogs-greafe and Turpentine upon
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cellent agents for restoring the vital powers. A warm bath is
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cisely the same position as ho was when seized: the attack
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each fide his Thigh-bone, guide it diredly into the Pot • that done, let
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a Glifter cf Mallovvs, three handfuls boiled in Water from a Pottle to
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Iron, of what fafhion foever^ the other Potential, which is done by the
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together, to affwage the Swelling, and then with a gentle Hand, and
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down In's Kell, fo as it will never be recovered. Now for thefe Dropiie^