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countenance, affords an excellent index to the state of health or
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ternally visible by the bulging out over that part.
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FO R a Horie to be Lave-Ear'd, is as foul a Dilgrace and as miicli
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th-e fire, then having cleanfed the fore either with a Cloth or a wifp-^
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Grafs is fcarce, and take no notice of the Situation of the Field 5 then^
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and it will ripen, break and heal it ; but if you would not have the
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one of Euforbium, and two ounces of Arfnick, and mixing them to-
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Number, Quantity, or fight of the Member evil affefted and difealed : Or
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on it, for that will cleanfe and defend it ; and than this Medicine,
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Horfe, which many Rammifh Jades will do, when they feek to ftrike
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no Salve will diffolve, take a fine thin hot Drawing Iron, and draw
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a R^ed Cloth, and therewith rub the Splent, and fmooth it upon the top
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supplied partly by fuel and partly by clothing. Exercise warms,
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difiike'of Meat, a continual defire to be laid. The Cure is, to pour into
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catheter, if necessary, must in this case be resorted to; with low
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It is alfo very good to rake the Horfe, and ro ride him up and down
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the patient is warm in bed; it is a remittent, shifting pain,
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the fame water again, and fill the hole again with red Lead, and fo
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Difeafe you ihall underftand cometh not fuddenly, but grows out of long
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bent of the Ham of the hinder Leg • and it extendeth out into
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laginous mixtures, squills, conium, opium, ether, etc. The night
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toast and water. Brotlis of an unstimulating character, such as
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The hone Spave.n p. 207. The Mood Spaven, vjet Spaveny or thorough Spaven,
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Neck in the Oil of Peter, or the Oil of Spike very hot» and then rol-
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they ferve, and of what Drugs or Simples they ought to be compound-
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four Inches of a great Tallow Candle or Percher of four in the Pound-,
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4. The Pldegmatic, or Pituitous Temperament. This differs
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thereof poyfoneth the other clean parts of the Body. For Signs of
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ing : Biniodide of mercury, one-sixteenth grain, pepsin, six
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pies, 2 drams ; tincture of opium, 30 drops. Make a mixture,
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ter an emetic — a scruple of sulphate of zinc with a grain or two
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proceed from Poverty, or feeding in Woods, where Trees are continually
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arrowroot gruel, and gradually raising it to chicken broth, beef
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the Sore Piailter-wife, efpecially at the beginning of the Swelling,
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and then to wafh the Sore with Butter and Beer, giving the Horfe to
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and neck, and mustard plasters to the soles of the feet ; if the
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how each division of the lungs occupies its own side of the
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throw them to your Meafly Hogs: Firft give him one or two, and fo the
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Knots multiplying and increallng until the Body be univetfally cove-
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are, The Horfe will forfake his Meat, and fland ihoaring or leaning
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ALL manner of Marrows, or Piths, of what kind foever they be, muft be
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fold of that membrane, which is named Frasnum Linguj\>, is
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suited than for those whose labor is chiefly muscular.
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Ounces powder'd ; bathe the Dog with it warm. Probati
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he hath been either heated on his Foot by labour, or foundred,
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the lower jaAV, and is surrounded by the salivary glands, Avhich
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in his Noftrils, and let his Meat be Grafs or Hay fprinkled with Water,
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Symptoms. — It mostly is about the glands or glandular
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two or three Hours at the leaft, to fettle his Joints^ for the fpace of
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lie in fteep the fptice of an Hour or two •, then ftrain it hard through a
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