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with Plantane and frelh Greafe boiled together, and it will perfeft their
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(of fome called the Mountain's Evil) amongft Beafts) is this: Take a
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Water, or old Urine, anoint it once or twice a Day with it till it be
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exaft Principles, and infallible Grounds of the beft and fureft ap-
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nutritive fluid consists, firstly, of water, holding, in a dissolved
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The Signs whereof are, that'he will covet much Drinic, but cannot
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chitis, or catarrh, or croup, or influenza, or laryngitis, or phthisis,
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,^der.of unQackt Lime, or of Burnt Allom, which will heal better than
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them out, and put in a little white Copperas, Honey, and Aqua- vit.-e,
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fop and as much Southern-wort, and boil them -.veil in Oil and Wine
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and'Rue, with Beer or Ale, and to let him Blood in the Noftrils. To
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There are other Simples which are aftonying, benumbir g or bringing
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you muft roll up the Horfe's Legs with Hay-ropes wet in cold Water,
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N^allows and Chick weed ^ but they muft be boiled in the Dregs of Ale or
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two clean Tiles, and £0 lay them in hot glowing Embers, and cover them
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water, fo that it may go dovv'n to the bottom, and dry up the hlthy
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a turn or tw^o therein, and fo return fair and foftly home unto the Sta-
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excellent preparation is the following : Peony, 1 ounce ; Peruvian
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family use they would be altogether objectionable. With re-
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diet and regimen. Rise early; sponge the body freely with
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of the peritoneum, the development of tumors, etc. Women in
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at the rectum in passing through, absorbents with opium must
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Rest and warm fomentations, with leeches, and the use of the
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overthrow him, then make the ends faft, and hold down his head, under
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together, and give it to drink. Now if the Dif^illation be of the third
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peftations ^ but if he be contrary, it denotes weakefs of Body, and un-
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young Flefli \ befides, the Tufh will be white, fmall, fhort, and fliarp : At
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tongue is so constantly examined by the medical man in dis-