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H E hefi Method and Speediefi w^ for Ordering of l^ce-HorfeS, to fit them for any

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dozen broken Eggs, Shells and all, and fo much Wheat-flower, as

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Others of our ancient and latter Farriers ufeto take of the ftrongefE '

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iuppoie it fatteth prefently ^ or if you mix the flefh of the Tortoife lb

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down, which you may difcern by two things, they will often figb,

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in Horles, and be as the Seller's Card, to direft them in that Affair, and

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his been highly recommended for this complaint: Parsley

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fuffering the Wound to take as little Wind or Air as you can pofTible :

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exceeding Fat, and newly taken from the Grafs, but efpecially from luch

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you may truft your Horfe for Stumbling. This is a rare Secret, known by

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for afcer that, it fatteth and not fcoureth. Next unto Grafs is Forrage,

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them of, in that few or no evil Accidents do followwhere they burn :But

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the Bone a little, if you find the Corrofive have not gone deep enough,

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Keck-vein, taking good ftore of Blood away : Then within four or five

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up into his Nofe : Or Bay-Berries beaten fmall, and burnt on the Coals

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to endure it without fcalding, and do thus Morning and Evening until

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ate or void, but by thefe fmall Knots, Puftules, or Ulcers, which are

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vomiting; the pulse is quick and intermittent, the urine pale,

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it be raw; thenlay to it Nerve-Oil, Honey, and ftrong Muftard, until

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ie^ion and Sicknefs from the inward Parts ; then to feed him well with

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Inflammation of the Kidneys. — The existence of this

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the surface of the cornea, which they do in the motion of winking.

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and with this you fhall wafh and cleanfe the Wound. TThen to heal

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Treatment. — The first thing to be done is to establish the

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And thus much couching the nature, ufe, property, and operation of

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not renewing it in twenty four hours, and thus do (if the Wound be

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each Morning, the fpace of three Days : And if that help not, then give

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IT is reported by ibme of our Englifli Farriers, that Mares being

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