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^ drachm ; syrup of ginger, 1 drachm ; spearmint water. 10
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known that some animals are tamed by being deprived of light.
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and Rheums of long continuance, being not only dangerous,
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in Winter, giving it them Morning and Nighr. Put your Stable Horfes
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of expansion for any increased quantity of blood which may flow
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tinue obstinate, the greatest attention must be paid to the diet,
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conveying proper nourishment into the system. Small quantities
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Intemperate Riding, Rufliings, Hard \\' interings, or too great Fatneis,
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Stable, tying him to the bare Rack for the fpace of two Hours •, then
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as eafily known by outward figns, as any Difeale whatfoever ^ as namely,
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or any ipungy Excretion, either of Flefh or Bone whatfoever j of whofe
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spoonfuls every three hours ; and physicians generally recom-
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fwayed in the Back or no : The middle ftature is the beft, and the fhort knit
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Joints, whether they have the Gout or not: For Cure whereof, boil
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with a little Bolfter of Canvafs keep it from falling down, and Drefs him
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is good alfo. There be others which for this Difeafe, ufe to let the
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ful of Rue or Mints, and a handful of Black Elleborus, and boil them
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Chirurgical part concerning outward Accid-^nr, is p!ainly*rpned and de-
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fif his Years will permit him) to let the Horfe Blood in the Neck- Vein,
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and without transverse markings. It is of a fusiform shape,
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To come then to the Cures, (according to the Opinion of a wor-=
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TH E Crick in the Neck of the Horfe, is^, when he cannot turn his
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we lee that a Horfe is not only convenient for daily Occifions of tlie Huf-
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Mouth, above the firft and third Bars, are two notable Veins, which
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Plants and Fruits of the Earth, and Cattle too fometimes, and from di-
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of the pugilist, pedestrian, or the victor in a boat-race.
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Expectoration. — This is, first, the act of discharging
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process consists of impregnation in the male — conception in the
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and constitutional j)redisposition, and where tliis exists the in-
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ieven Hours together •, let not your Cattle have too much Meat at a time,
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and do extenuate Obftrui^ions, , and raife and loofen, all evil Humours, in
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anoint it with this Salve, and in twice or thrice dreffing, the Canker
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The next thing to be obferved is, that one of the times muft be upon
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hot or uneasy. The knowledge that the saliva of a human be-
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when your Mare hath Foaled, fhe cannot void her Secundine, which is
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NClfe by accident, as from fome Wound, Rufli or Strain. The Cure
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greafe, of each a like quantity, of Wax one Ounce ^ boil all toge-
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Ears, Neck, Mane, Tail, and generally over the whole Body ; they da
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the Opinion of the old Farriers, To take a Razor, and cut open the
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of the ftiouider, making divers ftroaks one an Inch and an haif from
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the severe symptoms will gradually remit, with an expectoration
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the other, or any Wound whatfoever, as foon as your Rowels, i^leg-
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much nouri 'liment in it. Suppose a man wore to take some
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TH I S Difeafe of Brokec- winded, I have ever fmce I firft began to
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Sometimes youc Lambs will have Scabs on their Chins, ibmetlmes on
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of the Wind-Giill to hardnefs, and then the Horfe will be Lame
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take of Oil of Rofes, Venice-Turpentine and Honey, of each a like
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Tent to make it keep in, and ufe this until the Horfe be whole.
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