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fie it lightly with the point of a Razor, fo as the blood may ilTue forth;
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fowcd alone, bjt if mixt with other Grain, from the beginnhg of Feb. to the end of
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The Throat, as popularly understood, is of somewhat in-
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the dark will never unite ; the light of day causes them to min-
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palpitation of the heart, and increase of the pain in the head.
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his Head with cold Simples, as Camomile, Mellilot, Licoras, dried Red
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confound all the Subftance of the Liver, proceeding as they think, from
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will recover his Wearinefs. Others ufe to take a flice of frefh Beef,
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potu, is a disease of the brain, usually caused by an abuse of
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these cases, it seems likely that the blood circulating in the
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hardnefs of the Ground, and the high lifting of the Horfe's Feet, ei-
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sulphuric acid and nitric acid, of each one dram ; mix in a cup
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little fpace between the Bones ^ it denotes Short-wind, Foulnels of
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Barber's Itch. — It is communicated by an unclean razor
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But if to take away Molten Greafe, then inftantly after his Heat, and
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that done, clap a little Tow dipt in Hogs-greafe and Turpentine upon
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cellent agents for restoring the vital powers. A warm bath is
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cisely the same position as ho was when seized: the attack
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each fide his Thigh-bone, guide it diredly into the Pot • that done, let
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a Glifter cf Mallovvs, three handfuls boiled in Water from a Pottle to
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Iron, of what fafhion foever^ the other Potential, which is done by the
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together, to affwage the Swelling, and then with a gentle Hand, and
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down In's Kell, fo as it will never be recovered. Now for thefe Dropiie^
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ed, drieth up what is too much moiftned, diffolveth things gathered to-
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putrid exhalations, arising from, putrifying vegetable or animal
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throughly mingled and incorporated together, and then fpread fome of
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their Legs in length ever grow the leafi, and by the bignefs of their
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talis may be used. The duration of this disease depends upon
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Item, When Soresbegin to Matter, then they heal ^ but if the Putre-
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be any dead flefh within the fore, and either eat or cut it out : theri
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that by over-hafty or fudden running of a Horfe (or other) prefently
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five ounces, a little unflackM Lime, and of Honey one pound ; mingle
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getting into and inflaming the bronchial passages. This theory
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and dry, waxeth hard, and cleaveth to fome Bone, and fo in procefs
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of Weaknefs belonging to a Horfe's Back, which they call the fretting
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is (according to the general Opinion of all the moft ancient Farriers) the
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and eggs, if the stomach will bear them ; wine, if there is ex-
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all other parts of the Member, efpecially the Maftcr-vcin from the
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Eye, and fo let it reft a Night more. Other Farriers ufe to take of Pitch
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Sapone, which we call Soap, is hot ; Ic dravvetb, moilifieth, drieth, clean-
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Plants and Fruits of the Earth, and Cattle too fometimes, and from di-
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all well together, and give every Day a Ball of It to the Horfe for a
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j Belly that he cannot Dung, it is a Difeafe of all other moft incident
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befides a coveting to hold out his Head whilft he fetcheth his Wind.
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be very clean fifced from Duft, and given by a little at once •, and let his
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Mouth, and when he hath ftood thus two or three Hours, then take
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sometimes by long-continued diseases, such as dropsy, jaundice,
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thofe Rings, then thred all the other Things wirh the loofe end of the
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till the Grief be gone, but alio till the Swelling be taken away,
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with that it fh.all feem Hke Tar, and with that make a Piaifter, and
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