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travelling, the fpace of one Month, and that will bring his Shoulder to

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Treatment. — When the result of cold, the part becomes first

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they may proceed from thefe Caufes, yet moft generally they proceed

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blue-pill, one scruple; compound rhubarb pills, two scruples.

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Body lb abundantly, that cleaving hard unto the hollow Places of his

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ounce doses every quarter of an hour or so. On recovery, the

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Cold is old or new, great or fmall, and according to the abundance of

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to the Beaft in the Morning, and both Choler and FIcgm (hall be pur-

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hardly Tire : Yet after your Journey is ended, be fure to give your Horfe

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The Cure according to the general Practice, is, Firft to ripen it

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Oil, and a Penny- weight of Verdigreafe, and the White of an Egg;

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of Trenchers three Fingers broad, having long Strings knit unto them,

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rhubarb, 20 grains; powdered saleratus, 20 grains : powdered

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then drying the fore again, throw more burnt Allom upon it, and af-

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der are numbed, fo as the Bladder is without feeling : Or it may come bv

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burn it to Alhes, and make a Lee, and wafli him thrice aday, and let him

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ders much sitting necessar}^ and little or no exercise possible,

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opium alone in the same way and a lotion made with green tea

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tincture of ginger, 2 drams; distilled Avater, sufficient for 12

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and put them into the Blood alfo ; which done, you ftall ttirthem all

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and which were called, at one time, by the name rcte mucosum,

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hood ; which if from the corruption of our old Inventions, we call Bro-

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either sigmoid or semilunar. The regurgitation of blood into the

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rough granular appearance. In this case, they should be gently

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Wormwood, Southernwood or Galingal, or Mallows, or Pimpernel^

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warning. The patient may be in his ordinary health, engaged,

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Humours p. 277. To mollify any Hardnefs ibid. To harden any foftnefs p. 278.

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arises from an over-loaded condition of the vessels, there is

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vf the Sufpofitory p. 103. Of CUfrers andVfes p. 104. Of Purgations and

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they do rot or corrode, and fo turn to Matter are called Impofthumes.

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Spoonfuls thereof with a Pint ot Wine or ftrong Ale : Then the reft mix

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Dilbrder of Travel or Corruption of Blood, is known by thefe

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towards the Ribs, from the bending of the Hoof unto the Leg, are two

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Quantity, and two or three Cloves, and fix Spoonfuls of Vinegar and

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Eye : And the Cure, according to the Opinion of the oldeft Farriers, is

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old Farriers ufe for this Sorance to take a Pine of red Wine- Lees, and

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Emetic tartar, one grain; powdered ipecacuanha, fifteen grains;

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best brandy. Kepeat, if necessary, in about an hour. When

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Cornet, fome two or three Inches about, ftop the hollownefs with a Tent

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it is about from thirty to forty fluid ounces. In 1000 parts of

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Leaves in Summer, and with the inner Green Bark in Winter- after

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dence and scene may have beneficial influence on health.

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fie it lightly with the point of a Razor, fo as the blood may ilTue forth;

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a Horfe will feldom lie down in a Stable that is very light, unlefs he be

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THele Paliies or Apoplexis whic happen unto Horfes, are of two lorts-y^

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the dark will never unite ; the light of day causes them to min-

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