Carbidopa And Levodopa Dosage

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hole with Salt beaten very fmall, mingled with Vervain and ftrong

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If his Dung be Brown and Slimy, or if it ihine and look grefie, it is a

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Aflies of an old Shoe-fole burnt in an Oven, and put into the Horfe's

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Now if you do Rowel your Horfe for any fwelling, then you (hall ever

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Technical names and medical phrases have been studiously

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children ; and partial when they only affect some of the muscles

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therefore other of our latter Farriers ufe for this Difeafe, after the Horfe

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well watred) fo. he ^Q.notlie in it, ic is moft Sovsraign for the.prs-

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Altho' fome hold opinion, that two years old (hould be the fooneft ; but

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Comin is hot in the third Degree, and dry in the fecond : It miOllifieth

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doing the Body any hurt, and let the Matter our, lej^ving none un-

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more chearfully, yet let it not be in fuch rough Ground where he may be

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vessels, which are, in fact, the nutrient arteries of

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Ink, Honey and ftrong Vinegar, of each a like Qiiantity, boil them and

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Wound until the Clay Coffin be full, then let it reft until the Greafe

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your appetite is defective, inquire lohy ; if your avocations are

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flannel next the skin, a genial atmosphere, inhalation of steam

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firff fit the Ground and kill the Grafs, Plants, t^c. idly, Not to be fparing

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aperient medicines, abstinence from all rich and stimulating

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Provender be all of one fort, but every Meal it may be changed as thus :

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beaten to Powder :, then with Sweet-Butter to make Pills thereof, and

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will not be mollified or corroded by any outward Medicine, which is

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In passing from very cold air to the house, go first into the

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imi)ossible to affix any assignable cause for these, nor can tlie

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the overflow of Humours become to be inflamed, then they are a

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suppression of accustomed evacuations ; irritation of the air-cells

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Blow of another Horfe, or elfe by fome drain in leaping over a

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hot. Now I, for your better Memory, will divide them only into two

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the laft mention'd Plaifter,'and alfo new Flocks upon the old, and

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up well dreffed and covered, fo by little and little ride him a day or

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- Firft to let the Horfe blood in the one fide of the Neck-vein, and

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of these divisions, although their peculiar offices in the animal

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But the beft Cure, accordmg to our Engliih Praftice, is Firll:, to wafH

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frequently found more beneficial than medicine. But to restore

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ounce and a half, of Quickfilver two ounces, of white EUeborus one

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confined, to a discharge from beneath the foreskin, resembling

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Bots, are not bred in the Guts, but the Stomach only, becaufe having

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muft bs warm ; and without any other thing they will be cured.

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Other Farriers ufe firft to wafli the Sore with AUom- water, and

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or motor root, .and assists In the motion of those muscles which are employed In mastication

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his Head, ftarting up of his Hair, Coughing, Staggering behind. Trem-

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your Finger and your Thumb, and pluck it from the tleOi, then letting it ^

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patient from bodily injury. A violent paroxysm may last but a

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Wound, which for the moft part is not fo wide as the Mouth of the

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week. Fomentations, consisting of flannels wrung out of hot

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ther which often proves very annoiable to your Horfe.

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Marrow of a Stag ; or bathe the Horfe with warm Water, wherein

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a Horfe, to look into his Mouth, and take a diligent Care to fee if he

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Oihers ufe with a hot Iron to burn the Pimples on the Hed, and then

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Keck will fland awry, his Ears upright, and his Eyes hollow, his Mouth

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Treatment. — The proper treatment in an attack of this kind

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grain of White Salt; mix all with the Oil, warm it, anoint, fcratch, and

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take the Horfe quietly down, and lead him gently into the Stable,'

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grain of White Salt; mix all with the Oil, warm it, anoint, fcratch, and

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mixture : Sweet spirits of nitre, 2 drams ; sulphate of potash, 2

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according to the Opinion of the moil ancient Italian Farriers, firft t6

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least change in the constitution of the air we breathe, and of

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-denoteth Short-wind, grofs and vitious tiumours fettliiig there, and

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with occasional darting pains, giddiness, vertigo, partial loss of

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cooked in the proper manner. Many articles are spoiled by

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